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But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.
Luke 5:16

My child, before any major works or accomplishments, there must come discipline. The runner in the race must prepare physically and emotionally, and the soldier must train diligently for battle.  Likewise, My children must discipline themselves to be fit for My kingdom’s work. I, too, knew the discipline of drawing close to My Father. Your body cannot handle the pressure of constant movement. Your mind needs to pause from fast forward, and your spirit needs quiet retreat in My presence. I’ll help you, Child. Rest in Me.

Lord, even You needed time alone, time to commune with Your Father, time to think, time to rest. And that took discipline. I, too, need that discipline and time alone with You. Like a tree planted by the water, my roots can then grow deep into the soil of Your love. Thank You for Your discipline.

The road less traveled is often the road traveled alone.

as seen in Daily in Your Presence

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