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11/4/20 Thoughts and Prayers for Holy Week

///11/4/20 Thoughts and Prayers for Holy Week

11/4/20 Thoughts and Prayers for Holy Week

Read John 19.31-42 NIV The Message

Near to the place of crucifixion is a garden, where the body of Jesus is taken to be buried. Gardens play a significant role in the telling of scripture. In Genesis, the garden is celebration of God’s creation and a place of harmony between God and humanity. It is also the place of broken relationships, showing human limitations and failure. In the New Testament, the garden of Gethsemane is a place where burdens are brought, and tears are shed. And the garden of Jesus’ burial is, of course, also the setting for resurrection, where the risen Christ is himself mistaken for a gardener. At this time of year, many of us will be venturing out into our gardens once more. In the strange circumstances of our current crisis, the garden may be one of the few places where we can enjoy being outside and exercise. The garden in springtime is a place of new life – with buds showing and plants growing. This picture of new life can illustrate for us the truth of new life with God, who shows his faithfulness in the unfolding seasons.

Prayer: God of the garden, show us your gift of new life, especially when we are confronted by doubt and an uncertain future. Help us to see your promises even in the darkest hours. Amen.

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