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Baildon Leadership Team (BLT)

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Baildon Leadership Team

THE BAILDON LEADERSHIP TEAM (often referred to as “BLT”) meets regularly with our Link Minister, Nick Blundell, to manage the day to day decisions needed to effectively run our vibrant church and community life. The members of the leadership all represent key areas of our church’s work. February 2018, the members are Janet Binks, John Sykes, Peter Jackson, Rachel James, Allen Pollard, Chris Flecknoe.  For further information, contact Chris Flecknoe

BLT meets, on average, once every three weeks, if you want us to consider an issue, then please e-Mail the team.

Click on the following link for the groups Terms of Reference

BLT-LogoYour representatives on BLT are as follows.  On occasions a member of the Ministerial Team also attends:

  • John Sykes
  • Allen Pollard
  • Janet Binks
  • Chris Flecknoe
  • Rachel James
  • Peter Jackson

Baildon Leadership Team (BLT) Report to Church Council June 2019

Since the last Church Council, BLT has continued to meet on average every 3/4 weeks as a team and members have undertaken other work in-between these meetings.  BLT continues to be an effective way to oversee the ongoing management of our church and its many associated activities

Current members of BLT are Janet Binks (Steward), Allen Pollard (Work with young people), John Sykes (representing Treasury issues), Peter Jackson (representing Pastoral and Safeguarding), Chris Flecknoe (Worship and Church Life), Rachel James (representing our younger families). Rev Nick Blundell also attends regularly.

Mervyn also receives the minutes but attends only when particularly relevant that he should do so.

Summary of significant issues (discussed responded to, supported, overseen etc.) over recent months


BLT designed and arranged for GDPR forms to be distributed and for a secure post-box to be fitted in Wesleys for completed forms to be returned to.  All church members and those whose details were previously on lists called “adherents” or “community roll” have been given or sent a form to complete.  In some cases, we have had to chase up returns.  In future, those who are not members but who wish to be associated with Baildon Methodist Church will be referred to as “Friends of Baildon Methodist Church”.

GDPR forms have been given out at table tennis, See and Know and Bumps and Babes, CAMEO etc. as well as in Church.

In addition to the customary “Website updates” which is sent out weekly and includes Pews News, those who fill in the GDPR form also have the opportunity to indicate if they wish to receive a simpler, monthly, “What’s On” e-newsletter which covers Sunday worships and key weekday activities.

Ashley, our GDPR controller, has recently reported:
226 Forms have now been completed of which 54 are via an electronic google form and the remaining via paper copy.
We currently hold personal information for 1148 individuals / companies who have expressed, in the past, an interest in what we ‘do’. Work is still on-going to get the balance of folk to complete GDPR Forms.

Employment Issues

This spring, members of BLT, along with the line managers for the kitchen staff, attended an employment training session, led by the Methodist District’s Employment Adviser, Rob Cooper.  This was a most useful session and we have set in train steps to improve our employment practice including:

  • holding job review meetings with our Family Lay Worker and Caretaker and considering possible changes needed;
  • reviewing whether the job contracts of our staff need updating (thanks to Roger Pollard for his advice and guidance on this);
  • considering how to improve our record-keeping and secure storage of personnel info.

This is an ongoing piece of work, and may lead to recommendations for consideration by Church Council, perhaps at the October meeting.

Building issues including safety

  • BLT has received brief regular updates about the building works as and when these affect the current operation of the Church and Wesleys.
  • Following discussions in BLT, about emergency egress from the church if Wesleys Café area was blocked, and after taking advice from a Fire Officer, the new arrangements for the main doors to the church are:
    • door NOT to be locked or bolted on the big bolts at top and bottom
    • door will be left secure only on a new bolt which has recently been fitted – this is easy to open
  • Allen has send email to all those group leaders who use the church to appraise them of the new arrangements and has put up a notice about how to open the door
  • A risk assessment of the premises when in normal functioning mode has been carried out and some minor improvements made – we will need to ask organisers of large events to carry out a risk assessment themselves prior to such events
  • Fire safety, illuminated running men and signage have been updated and replaced during maintenance work at the end of May
  • We are aware that a fire evacuation practice is long overdue and are waiting until the building work is completed, when this will be arranged.

Junior Church and Young People in morning worship

BLT is giving this issue some consideration and wishes, very much, to support our youth leaders and teachers. A consultation meeting with Junior Church teachers and other interested folk was held on 2 June, and it was decided that a questionnaire should be sent out to all parents associated with our Junior Church and Creche.

Again – this may be an area about which recommendations will brought to a future Church Council meeting.
In the meantime, we have revised the information going to worship leaders to encourage them to plan their worship so that the children can be welcomed in to join the adults at 10.50 and the service end around 11.00.

Circuit Assessment Issues

BLT resolved and sent the following to Circuit in response to a request for an increased contribution to Circuit costs.

  • That our church would contribute an additional 3% to Circuit Assessment for the year commencing 1 September
  • That we requested that in order to assist with the control of Circuit costs, going forward:
    • Any proposals for new spending which are brought to Circuit Meeting should be set out in writing, explaining the rationale, alternatives, and cost implications, and that this information should be circulated to all Circuit representatives well in advance of the meeting, so that the proposal can be given appropriate consideration
    • The Circuit Leadership Team should consider preparing and publishing a Circuit cost-reduction plan for the coming five year period, with a view to ensuring that the contributions required from individual churches to Circuit, do not continue to rise faster than inflation.

Environmental stewardship

  • Arrangements have been made to purchase environmentally friendly cleaning products from a Baildon supplier.
  • As a small contribution to addressing climate change, arrangements have been made to lower the thermostats on all heating from a max od 24 degrees to 23.
  • Thanks to Allen, we now have a crisp-recycling collection point on our premises.

Other issues dealt with

  • Collection for Andrew Taylor. It was agreed to take a retiring collection on 16 June
  • Circuit stewards training evening – Peter will represent us.
  • Application approved and sent off to “ABCD Grant application” for taster sessions in Wesleys in August. We should know if we have been successful sometime in June.
  • Arrangements for offertory and explanations have been instituted.
  • Tokens of appreciation have been given to the parents who help at the youth club
  • Memorial stones / plaques. BLT felt that these should not be permitted in the church garden.
  • Some new arrangements for limiting inappropriate use of the photocopier have been instituted.
  • We have sought to smooth arrangements between the various people who “need to know” when a funeral is being arranged.

If anyone has any issues they would like BLT to discuss, please let any member of BLT know or email

Chris Flecknoe and Janet Binks

Baildon Leadership Team (BLT) Summary Report: February 2019
BLT continue to meet every 3 to 4 weeks.

Current members are:

  • Janet Binks
  • John Sykes
  • Allen Pollard
  • Rachel James
  • Peter Jackson
  • Chris Flecknoe
  • and Rev Nick Blundell or another member of the Ministerial Team.

Summary of significant issues dealt with over past 6 months

Concerns and response to the work-load level for our volunteers in key roles.  Actions taken:

  • Investigating and applying for funds for a paid administrative support worker: not successful.
  • Advertising and seeking new recruits to fill vacant posts: successful – all key posts are currently filled.

We are very grateful to the following people who have come forward:

  • Roger Pollard has taken over Payroll, Lettings Licences and Invoices, and is doing a great deal to simplify our lettings system.
  • Nicki Arkell and Rachel James have taken over as Lettings Officer (job-share). Ros Crosland has also taken on the role of updating the weekly bookings board, and of meeting and greeting any potential new users.
  • Jennifer Evans is now organising the money-counting rota of volunteers.
  • Maureen Mancell has taken on the Café Treasurer’s role
  • Ashley France has offered to take on the role of GDPR Data Controller.
  • Claire Nott has offered to take on the Gift Aid reclaim role when Robert Watson retires this summer.
  • And finally, Gary Picken has come forward to work in partnership with John Sykes as Treasurer, to share the load and learn the ropes.

Huge thanks to all those who are retiring from jobs which they have been doing so well.

BLT has received brief regular updates about the building works when these affect the current operation of the Church and Wesleys.

GDPR. BLT continues to grapple with the wider implications and challenges presented by GDPR requirements.

Acknowledgements and thanks. BLT seeks to notice, acknowledge and thank those who “go the extra mile”.

Events and new developments oversight
In relation to worship and mission:

  • We were delighted to give our full support to a request from Sean and Jonathan Hayes that they organise and run a Youth Alpha Course in the near future.
  • Supporting the current JSP Values programme which has been devised by our Lay Pastors.

We are grateful to the Social Committee of Lyn Jones, Lynne Yarde, John Binks, Linda Bairstow, and Chris F, for the detailed planning for church social events. BLT has been pleased to support the following events and activities:

  • Harvest Supper and Band Concert
  • To Russia with Love
  • Festive Wreath-making
  • Baildon at Christmas.

Employment Issues

  • Arrangements have been made with Rob Cooper, the District’s Employment Officer to come to Baildon to run a “Good Practice” training workshop for all those involved in or interested in the management of staff and volunteers at Wesleys.
  • BLT have arranged for a much-overdue review of the job descriptions of 2 of our paid staff.

Other issues which BLT have overseen or supported

  • Church Copyright Licence
  • Introduction of the Red Box Scheme
  • Installation of new multi-media projector and secondary glazing to the rear church windows.
  • Supporting in future the use of more environmentally-friendly cleaning products on our premises
  • Making contact with a Mosque in Bradford and inviting the leaders for a visit to our church – the invitation is “on the table” but no date has yet been indicated by our guests
  • Purchase for distribution of the District Chairman’s “Methodist Way of Life” card which was introduced by Roy Lorrain Smith at the service he led on at New Year
  • Offering encouragement to Allen Pollard in seeking to have our premises designated as a recycling centre for Crisp packets via Walkers Crisps. Well done Allen!!

If anyone has any issues they would like BLT to discuss, please let any member of BLT know or e-Mail

Baildon Leadership Team (BLT) Summary Report February to June 2017

BLT continue to meet roughly every three weeks. Current members of BLT are Janet Binks (Steward); Ashley France (Property and Enabling); Jennifer Evans / Caroline Pollard (Pastoral); Allen Pollard (Work with young people); Chris Flecknoe (Worship and Church Life and Fund-raising Strategy Group). Rev Nick Blundell also attends regularly; Mervyn Flecknoe and Peter Jackson, Lay Pastors, receive the minutes but attend only when there is to be a discussion which it is important for them to take part in.
Summary of key issues dealt with (discussed responded to, supported, overseen etc.) over recent months.

  • Equipment, cleaning, and communications.
  • Updating church family photo wall
  • Discussion of barriers that stop people coming to church.
  • Developing a Beaver Colony / Scouting at our church.
  • Pastoral Secretary.
  • The Great Get-Together / Big Lunch – inspired by the late Joe Cox.
  • Review of wedding and funerals fees.
  • Future of “Parade” services. Agreement has now been reached with the Guide leaaders that in future the all-age worships in February, May and November will be “Parade” Services. The other 2nd Sundays will continue as All-age Family worship but without any expectation of flags and parading.
  • Strengthening communication with the Uniformed Organisation leaders. New closed Facebook site for the Church and Uniformed Organisations leaders to make it easier for us to share information and publicise events at church has been set up.
  • Church membership issues.
  • Summer drama workshop for children. Double Take Theatre Company
  • Easter arrangements.
  • Christian Aid – future fund-raising. This year will be the last year when our church will organise door-to-door collections for CA.
  • Traidcraft.
  • Commencement of after morning worship prayer volunteers – arrangements.
  • Updates from BIG Team: we are kept up to date on significant issues.
  • Stationing – Rev Nick Blundell – consultation carried out.
  • EasyFundraising –
  • Continuing success of “Occasional Stewards” system.

Chris Flecknoe, Chair of BLT and Janet Binks, Senior Steward.

UPDATE: Oct 2016 to Feb 2017

Since the last Church Council, BLT has met roughly every three weeks as a team and members have undertaken other work to address and resolve issues in-between these meetings. Current members of BLT are Janet Binks (Steward); Ashley France (Property and Enabling); Jennifer Evans (Pastoral); Allen Pollard (Work with young people); Chris Flecknoe (Worship and Church Life and Fund-raising Strategy Group). Rev Nick Blundell also attends regularly; Mervyn and Peter receive the minutes but attend only when there is to be a discussion which it is important for them to take part in. John Sykes also attended one of the BLT meetings when financial matters were on the agenda.

Summary of issues dealt with (discussed responded to, supported, overseen etc.) over recent months:

1. Worship issues:
a) Pulpit consultation. Over 200 survey responses were received. 60% favoured retaining the pulpit; 40% favoured removal. The majority of younger people favoured removal, whilst the majority of over 60s favoured retaining it. There were differences of view within BLT about what recommendation we should present to Church Council. The majority decision within BLT was to recommend to Church Council: “That in the light of the results of the consultation about the future of the pulpit, the pulpit should be retained for the time being.” It was noted that this issue will need to be revisited when the building improvement plans for our premises reach Phase 3.
b) Welcome and Information leaflet for preachers at our morning worship – updated
c) Technical support to worship: computer hardware and software issues; trouble-shooting; computer rota (lack of volunteers); sound system improvements. Training on use of the new portable sound system for anyone who wishes to attend will be arranged soon by Allen.
d) Leadership and Ministry. These issues were discussed at some length in BLT and led to two papers being written for publication in the February Centre Pages.
e) Parables for Baildon and the Start Programme discussed with Mervyn and Peter.
f) Occasional stewards. Following concerns about the difficulty of recruiting stewards, BLT were delighted when Janet reported that 11 people have now offered to assist.
g) Visit of Lord Mayor: arrangements (Christmas Carol Service).

2. Youth work:
a) Junior Church: continued discussions to find ways to support our Adventurers Leaders and encourage attendance.
b) Scouting. We have been approached by the District Scout Commissioner who would like to see the full range of scout groups gradually be created at our church.
c) Youth Club: we are delighted that Circuit Youth Worker, Laura Tunicliffe, is spending time supporting our Youth Club and Leaders on a Friday night.

3. Voluntary job vacancies:
a) Pastoral secretary. Helping to find a replacement to Jennifer for the important role
b) Need for a church historian / archivist: to look after our historical material.

4. Financial matters.
a) Review of charges for flower arranging at weddings and general charges for wedding and funerals.
b) Redundancy calculations – and the need to be aware of our potential liability for these. .

5. Miscellaneous organisational matters.
a) Church photo wall: we are delighted that Ros Crosland has agreed to retake-on the job of updating the photo-wall
b) New lettings regime – Ashley reported Diane already achieving additional bookings and speedier invoicing.
c) Charity commission annual return. Review of Rosemary’s excellent draft and small suggested amendments.
d) Complaints and concerns notice: devised and put up on notice board.

6. Circuit Matters:
Consultation from the Circuit as to whether funds should be found for a full-time superintendent.

If you have issues you would like BLT to discuss in the future please speak to any member of BLT for it to be put on the agenda.
Chris Flecknoe and Janet Binks, Baildon Leadership Team. February 2017.

UPDATE: February 2016

The Church Council accepted recommendations from BLT;

  • To appoint Peter Jackson as a second Lay Pastor to work closely with Mervyn Flecknoe, who was also re-appointed for the coming year;
  • That Mervyn should take on the line-management of Terry Walter, Caretaker, from John Sykes.

Welcoming parents with babies and toddlers. BLT conducted some consultations and brought forward a proposal (which was approved at Church Council) to create a Welcome Baby Corner in the church for Sunday morning worship.

“Spirit and Song” services.  Supporting Allen Pollard to co-ordinate and develop experimental Spirit and Song Services in the current year as follows:

  • 13 March – combined with a Family Parade Service to be led by Allen Pollard
  • 22 May (a 4th Sunday in the month)
  • 10 July – combined with a Family Parade Service to be led by Claire Nott
  • 30 October (a 5th Sunday).

“Parables for Baildon”: Confirming (under leadership of Mervyn) the plans for the third part of the “Jesus-Shaped People” programme under the title of “Parables for Baildon” for January / February 2016. 125 Anniversary conclusion and recording (see report from W&CL for more details).

Baildon Co-op: Agreeing and liaising over voluntary assistance from the Co-op which has led to donation of some foods to Wesleys and Fair Trade goods to the youth club.

Public telephone in Wesleys: Decision taken to remove.

Wesleys Café afternoon opening hours: discussions ongoing with Wesleys Catering Committee.

Community concerns including our Church’s response to the floods and the proposed transfer of Baildon Library in 14 months’ time to a community group and volunteers.

Circuit Children’s Ministry Enabler Review: BLT has discussed and responded (in conjunction with the Stewards) to Circuit Questionnaire about review of the role of the Circuit Children’s Ministry Enabler.

The future of Christian Aid collections: Beginnings of some new thinking about this both at our church and a wider perspective / review;

Collections for refugees via Red Cross at Baildon Co-op: In conjunction with CTiB. Thanks to everyone who took part and helped to raise over £700.

Other issues discussed:

  • Changing patterns of church attendance.
  • Improving arrangements for the management of external promotional banners.
  • Dealing with assorted queries, requests, and concerns from members of the congregation.
  • Sending letters of thanks and concern / support to members of the church family as appropriate.

UPDATE: June 2014

BLT continues to meet approx. three weekly as a team, and members have undertaken other work between meetings to address and resolve issues.

Summary of issues dealt with (discussed responded to, supported, overseen etc.) spring/summer.

  • Storage of Church data;
  • The forming of a new Safeguarding Group, comprising: Ruth Kerr, Janet Binks, Nick Bundell and Peter Jackson (administrator) with Mary Thresh acting on a consultancy basis and Lindsay Sykes to be liaised with regarding bookings;
  • Various other church groups-related issues;
  • Arrangements for two Baptisms on 4 May;
  • Confirmation of offer of Church Family meal for 8 June and thanks conveyed for Easter breakfast;
  • Approval given to request from a learner-organist to practice on our organ, and appropriate arrangements made;
  • Use of IT to contact forthcoming preachers / training and practical arrangements;
  • Arrangements in the aftermath of a sad theft from Wesleys;
  • Advertising policy;
  • Church garden trees in need of pruning;
  • Church offertory review;
  • Liaison re planning and building improvements – Discussions with Mervyn about the aims within the draft Business Plan for our building improvements;
  • JSP follow-up;
  • Recruitment of additional door stewards and need for other new volunteers;
  • Interest in updating and republishing the “Volunteer Booklet”;
  • Request from annual meeting for more information to be provided about roles and responsibilities. (Information currently being prepared to go on Wesleys noticeboard);
  • Possibility of forming a “Junior Church Council”;
  • Arrangement for “Good luck” cards to be sent by Lay Pastor to those young people taking public exams;
  • Baildon carnival – discussion of whether our church can take part this year (and conclusion – not);
  • Possibility of toilet twinning with a third world country;
  • Arrangements for appropriate retirement gift for Geoff Popple;
  • Liaison with Ministerial team including request to ministers for “Child friendly communion” and much discussion as to what this means; and Circuit issues;
  • Blinds for church;
  • Damage to table tennis table;
  • P.A.T. (electrical testing).
Since the last report, BLT has met every three weeks as a team and members have undertaken other work to address and resolve issues in between these meetings.  The following have been discussed/actioned:

  • JSP preparations
  • Request from War Graves Commission approved for commemoration stone to a young Baildon man, T. Greenwood, who is buried beneath our church garden.
  • Request for blinds to large church windows from Baildon Buddies Film Club and applications to Baildon Town Council for funding for these.
  • Worship issues.
  • Overseeing progress of building improvement programme.
  • Overseeing and ensuring linkage on a variety of issues between various church committees.
  • Progressed: photo board and arrangements for periodic worship at The Borrins;
  • Received information about and discussed and agreed action about:
    – use of new media in church youth work;
    – reductions in size of Pews News to save on printing costs;
    – concern about support at home for people unable to get to morning worship;
    – request from Cell Group for summary of church council minutes
    – appointment of Terri Longbottom as our Family Lay Worker on a permanent contract;
  • Baildon at Christmas.
  • Agreed proposal for Bradford Youth Service to use Room 3 on weekdays as an office base.
  • Arranged for implementation of Fire Drill
  • Need for new Christian Aid Co-ordinator following departure of Stuart Moorhouse. This issue is still unresolved.
  • Safeguarding – including new team approach to be piloted at Baildon and new policy about ensuring photos of children not used on social media sites without parental approval.
  • Circuit matters including ensuring that Baildon had its full quota of 3 representatives in attendance at the Circuit Consultation meeting on 2 December and discussing a response to the issues presented at this consultation.

During June and July BLT has met four times and here is an overview of some of the key issues that have been discussed and actioned.

  • Lay Worker for Families. Unfortunately there were no applications received for the permanent post, to replace Lynne Yarde. However, we are delighted that Terri Longbottom has agreed to undertake the role on a temporary basis to ensure that our young family activities can carry on during the autumn term. The permanent post will be re-advertised
  • Young people. Mervyn Flecknoe and Diane France have agreed to offer a series of discussion sessions for young people during the autumn using a scheme devised by the Methodist Church under the title of “Participate”. It is hoped this might be an encouragement to some to consider membership
  • Jesus-Shaped People. BLT continues to oversee plans and progress, being co-ordinated by Mervyn, towards the delivery of this whole-church programme for January to April
  • “Healthy Church” Circuit Mission visitation. BLT met with three representatives from the Circuit’s Healthy Church programme (some of you may have completed questionnaires or taken part in study groups about this). We talked through the strengths and weaknesses of the “health” of our church with these representatives. Thanks to all who contributed
  • Church Finances. BLT is concerned, as we all are, about the shortfall in regular income which leaves us facing a deficit again this year. Mervyn as Lay Pastor and John Sykes as Treasurer will be writing to all members shortly
  • Church website. Request from commercial company to advertise with us. BLT decided “yes” to on the website and “no” to in Pews News
  • Safety issues: emergency evacuation procedures training held for Door Stewards; request to Wesleys Catering to use mugs on Sunday mornings unless customers request cups and saucers
  • Circuit issues. Rev Nick Blundell has kept us updated about the appointment of a Pastoral Lay Worker and about likely changes in the ministerial team and the plans and process for stationing of ministers in September 2014
  • Purchase of table tennis tables. Thanks to Beryl Doyle for successfully applying for funding for one of these from Baildon Town Council and to the Table Tennis Club for the donation of the second one. Tuesday afternoon open sessions are being run for all ages and levels of skill
  • Building Improvement Plans. BLT continues to be updated and have an oversight on building development issues. In particular, we are in discussions with Wesleys catering over the proposed kitchen designs. The Property Committee continues the process of gaining planning approval from Bradford Council. The Fund-Raising Application Team continues to gather information to support applications to be made to external funding bodies once plans are approved and costed. Special thanks to all those who are continuing – with great inventiveness – to raise funds for The BIG Fund.

Over recent weeks we have discussed and responded to the following issues:

  • Providing a “thank-you” meeting for Welcome and Door Stewards including some training on emergency evacuation and welcoming
  • Planning for special events such as the Touchstone curry evening and prayer vigil for those who are sick
  • Meeting with Circuit Mission representatives to consider the “state of health” of Baildon Methodist Church
  • Safeguarding – recommendation to Church Council to appoint Lynne Ware and Peter Jackson as our safeguarding officers
  • Building plans overview
  • Stewarding funerals
  • Successful application to Parish Council for table tennis tables and plans for future Tuesday afternoon activity session. (If you are interested please talk to Beryl Doyle)
  • Agreement to display the “Walkers are Welcome” symbol on the doors to Wesleys
  • Overview of appointment of Lay Worker for young families following the resignation of Lynne Yarde
  • Forward-planning for Jesus-Shaped-People

Over the past month, BLT has discussed the following ongoing subjects:

  • Worship and service-planning, and responding to issues and questions raised by members of the congregation;
  • Establishing a small management group for our Family Lay Worker;
  • Church membership classes;
  • Door stewards rota and meetings to be arranged (please contact Ashley if you have any comments about the door steward rota at the present time);
  • Healthy Church questionnaires (Circuit Mission consultation);
  • Safeguarding (please continue to refer any issues or concerns to the Stewards Team until further notice);
  • Our building improvement plans and progress;
  • We are particularly glad to be able to report to you about the Jesus Shaped People (JSP) Programme. This is exciting news! Following a meeting of BLT and Stewards, with Canon Gordon Dey to learn more about the “Jesus-Shaped People” Programme which he has developed, we have unanimously agreed to recommend to the Church Council that Baildon Methodist Church undertakes this Programme between January and April 2014. JSP provides materials and resources to engage ever JSP y section of our Church Community in reviewing what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Lots more news about this to come over the coming months and a planning team for JSP is currently being put together by our Lay Pastor, Local Preachers and other leaders. The JSP Programme will focus on helping us to understand more about the priorities that Jesus modelled in his three year ministry and discipleship training programme, and to interpret what this means for ourselves as individuals and as a church.

Your Leadership Team has met twice since the last summary report was provided in January.  Recent subjects we have discussed include:

  • Various requests and comments about worship styles. We know that everyone has different tastes in worship styles and that it is impossible to please all the people all of the time. We continue to feel that there is great value in our all-age main family services of worship at 10.00a.m. on Sundays and we feel that it is a strength that these services incorporate a range of styles. BLT feels it important that we continue to seek to make our worship attractive, joyful, and accessible to newcomers. We note that ultimately, it is the responsibility of the preacher / worship leader each week to determine the content and style of worship. We are continuing to support discussions about the possibility of responding to a request for a monthly 4p.m. family worship.
  • Representation of our church at Circuit Meeting. We are delighted that Christine Leighton has now agreed to join John Sykes and Lynne Ware to bring us up to our full entitlement of 3 representatives at Circuit Meetings.
  • Safeguarding overview. (For the time being, please refer any concerns to the Stewards)
  • The appointment of a voluntary, lay pastor at Baildon Methodist Church (prior to this matter going to Church Council on 12 February for a decision). Mervyn Flecknoe has been appointed to this post: watch out for full information about what this role will involve soon.
  • Request for stall in Wesley’s for Bradford’s “Warm Homes: Healthy People” initiative.
  • A new group for teenagers on Friday evening – now being led by Diane France – many thanks to Diane.
  • Arrangements for Lenten study and Easter services.
  • Circuit Mission Review: arrangements for questionnaires to be completed and issues for Baildon to be discussed.
  • Email circulation protocols.
  • Continuing discussions about the likely increase in Circuit Assessment.
  • We reviewed Christmas services and felt that all had gone well;
  • Should we be establishing a group for our older young people? Further consultations with the young people themselves are going to be undertaken;
  • A new keyboard which can be used in Wesleys and other parts of the building is in the process of being ordered;
  • We confirmed plans for the Church Family meeting about building improvements on Sunday 13thJanuary and the consultation process to follow this;
  • We discussed the request from some young parents for a monthly 4pm Sunday Service of modern worship and we will be arranging a meeting with the parents and people who may be able to assist to bring this aspiration to fulfilment in the near future;
  • We discussed the likelihood of a significant increase in the Circuit assessment (what we pay into Circuit funds) for the coming year;
  • We considered and decided upon a request from the Drama Group;
  • We discussed the use of mobile devices during services. BLT members noted that church-goers are increasingly likely to use electronic gadgets to access the bible. We feel that this has to be accepted, provided that the users do so in a way which is not disturbing to the worshipful atmosphere. We noted this is a particular issue for young people and are going to trial reserving seats for them and a leader at the back of the church;
  • We have decided it is time to update the photo board in church; watch this space—you may be asked to pose for your photo to be taken soon;
  • We have identified that Baildon Methodist Church needs to have a Public Entertainments Licence and we are in the process of applying for this;