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Bread Bag Recycling Scheme

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Bread Bag Recycling Scheme 2019-08-18T21:53:10+01:00

Baildon Methodist Church has partnered with Hovis® to offer a simple and free bread packet recycling scheme, which accepts all brands.

Following the success of our Walkers® Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme we can now also recycle bread bags. We  have just been accepted on the Hovis bread bag recycling scheme.  Please shake all crumbs out of the empty bags and place in the correct receptacle.  Please spread the word, help Baildon recycle and at the same time raise money for charity

What can I recycle?
You can recycle bread packets made by any brand

What can’t I recycle?
Baguette packaging
Bread roll packaging
Bagel, pretzel and crumpet packaging
Wraps, pitta breads, naans and garlic bread packaging
Croissants, brioche and pastry packaging
Teacakes, fruit loaves and scones packaging
Cake, cake bars and slices packaging
Pancake and waffle packaging