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Reflections of a Lay Pastor: March 6th 2016 Mothering Sunday

Don’t you just hate mothers with perfect children? Psalm 32 is ideal for Mothering Sunday, in the Message version it begins: “Count yourself lucky, how happy you must be/ you get a fresh start,/ your slate’s wiped clean”. The psalm promises freedom from guilt, forgiveness for sin and for proxy sin. You don’t have to [...]

Community Conversation Group

THE BLUE SANDS GROUP Thie group is a ‘quality conversation’ group which is ‘...informal, creative, intergenerational...and...based round current affairs...’ The Community Conversation Group meet, quaffing tea / coffee or orange juice if very sunny, on the last Thursday of each month in Wesleys Cafe  from 2:00pm to 3:00pm.  A conversation is initiated by taking an item from the [...]

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Broadway, Bradford

The Church's in the Bradford North Methodist Circuit have been invited to be a part of the provision of a Christian presence to offer prayer in Bradford’s new £260 million shopping centre.  A feature of the new centre will be a ‘Contemplation Room’. Volunteers are being invited from all denominations to staff around 150 two or three hour [...]

Sew Together

The knitters have been very busy recently and so we have a good stock of blanket squares ready to sew together. NOTE: Please will all blanket square knitters check that each square measures 6 x 6 inches. As double knitting wool can vary in thickness measuring is essential rather than relying on the number of [...]

Reflection of a Lay Pastor for June 21st

Genesis 24 tells the story of how Rebecca and Isaac came to be married.  Their marriage was not easy, no marriage is.  They bore the stigma of infertility for many years and then had two very different children who introduced conflict.  Their marriage ended with Rebecca having to take decisions for Isaac, to the point [...]

One World Group

Churches Together in Baildon One World Group ‘One Village, One World’ Since the world is our parish, we believe in One Church One Village and One World! Churches Together in Baildon  (CTiB) has run an active and lively One World Group for over twenty years.  It raises over £10,000 per year for all OWG charities and over [...]

How to Explain Your Faith, by John Pritchard

How to Explain Your Faith by John Pritchard is not new, but is still an active resource for small adult groups.  It is designed to identify and explore the kind of things non-Christians often say or ask about faith and it attempts to offer some ways of responding. There are three sections entitled: Why Bother? [...]

Methodist Publication, Seasons of my Soul

Produced jointly by the Methodist Church and the Church of England, Seasons of my Soul is aimed at helping those in the second half of life to explore and expand their faith.  It comes out of much recent writing, not least by Richard Rohr (Falling Upwards: A spirituality for the two halves of Life) on [...]