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Climate Interfaith Climate Workshops – Leeds

Developed by Christian Aid, this online workshop series has the aim of connecting and equipping people of faith for climate action. For the Eventbrite sign up page for Leeds click HERE Get ready for COP26: be part of climate action The urgency of the climate crisis hasn’t changed.  With the UK set to host critical [...]

Banking Crisis

As Methodists we care a great deal about what happens to our money. Both Jesus Christ and John Wesley spoke about what practising Christians should do with it. Jesus says in Matthew 19:23, “It will be hard for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven”; the disciples “were greatly astounded and said, ‘Then [...]

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At Easter 227 Augustine heard the Spirit within him say “We become what we eat”.   The people heard in a sermon and asked what he meant.  He told them. Jesus thought a lot about his life, his consuming passion for the rule of the Father in all human hearts which everyone had to realise and [...]

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The old normal – and a new normal (continued)

The old normal - and a new normal? (continued) In Matthew 6:28, Jesus exhorts us to “consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin.” The exhaustion of constant work and activity, especially in cities, has been set against the quietude of plane-less skies, car-less streets and furloughed work.  Some [...]

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The old normal – and a new normal? Part 1

Before COVID-19 the old normal was characterised by greed, inequity, exhaustion, consumption and disconnection.  Such is the shock to received opinion that a new normal has been developing: generosity, equity, quietude, conservation and connection. This is the Way of Christ. In Luke 18:24 Jesus said, “How hard it is for those who have wealth to [...]

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What do we do about the number of humans on the planet?

The root cause of the problem of overpopulation is overconsumption. Mark Twain wrote, “Civilisation is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessaries”. Jesus Christ never said he came to make us financially better off generation by generation; he said he came to show us the way to the kingdom and commonwealth of God. Overconsumption of [...]

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