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Reflections of a Lay Pastor: January 13th 2019: Joy

Our church is studying Christian Values for the next six weeks; one value each week.  Last week it was Humility, this week;  Joy.  We asked people what values they would include in the series and chose seven.  We would still like to hear more contributions because we plan to continue the series next year, 2020. [...]

Reflections of a Lay Pastor: July 22nd 2018: Jesus examples

I never thought I would hear myself say this, but there is a lot Christians can learn from Gareth Southgate, manager of the England football team.  For those who live in a bucket;  the one who wears a waistcoat.  He is the one who missed a vital penalty kick against Germany in 1996 and with [...]

Reflections of a Lay Pastor: July 15th 2018: This affects us all!

How much would you pay to live a longer, healthier life?  There is an increasing amount of research into how healthy, older people manage to put off illness and disability.  Lots of factors come into play.  If you don’t think that this applies to you in any way, you are perhaps either a smoker or [...]

Fairtrade Competition

“Come on in” Design an A4 invitation to a Fairtrade event, real or imaginary. Remember to include the Fairtrade Mark Open to individuals, schools, colleges and groups of all ages Prizes will be awarded to 3 different age-groups: Pre-school Under 12s Under 18s Adults (18+) Closing Date: Weds 21 st March 2018 Fairtrade Footballs and [...]

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Action for Children, Christmas Fayre

ACTION FOR CHILDREN - Originally known as National Childrens Home (NCH), founded by Rev Thomas Bowman Stephenson – a Methodist Minister – continues to work in partnership with Methodist Church. It is deeply rooted in Methodist principles and it supports and speaks out for the UKs most vulnerable, disadvantaged and neglected children and young people [...]

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Riding Lights: Baked Alaska

Written by Paul Burbridge and Jonathan Bidgood, Baked Alaska is the latest touring event from the Riding Lights Theatre Company Vivid, sharp and deliciously entertaining BAKED ALASKA serves up the realities of climate change with flair and clarity about the temperatures involved.  In a high-energy, ‘seriously funny’ style for which Riding Lights is well known, BAKED [...]

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2015: Baildon @ Christmas

Baildon Methodist Church take part in this great community event. An excellent opportunity to have a stall throughout the afternoon to raise funds for your favourite charity or to provide information about a cause dear to your heart. ADVANCE NOTICE: BAILDON @ CHRISTMAS EVENT SUNDAY 6 DECEMBER, 11.15 – 16.00. OPPORTUNITY FOR [...]