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One World Group: Children of Gambia

Children of Gambia: This is the One World Group Charity of 2015. Set up by Hildred Helm, who lives in Shipley and who first visited the Gambia in the late 90’s, was so appalled by the conditions she found that she decided to set up this Charity ( 1077294). She travels there every spring to [...]

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One World Group

Churches Together in Baildon One World Group ‘One Village, One World’ Since the world is our parish, we believe in One Church One Village and One World! Churches Together in Baildon  (CTiB) has run an active and lively One World Group for over twenty years.  It raises over £10,000 per year for all OWG charities and over [...]

Laws fail us

The law always ended up being used as a Band-Aid on sin instead of a deep healing of it.  Not my words, Paul’s in Romans 8:4.  Why is it important?  What does it mean? Laws codify human experience;  they are written to govern one situation and then judges have to decide how they apply to [...]

Reflection for March 16th 2014

Sometimes, world news seems to celebrate some young woman who has achieved change where change seemed impossible;  Malala Yousafzai from Mingora in the lawless Swat Valley for one;  what happened to her was surely a justification for years of angst and resentment.  Fahma Mohamed from Bristol in the lawless West Country surely also had reason [...]

Reflection for February 2nd 2014

Not many people read the prophet Micah recreationally these days, but chapter 6 verse 8 is worth reading many times.  Writing about 2700 years ago, Micah’s concerns are familiar and modern:  people living on immoral earnings;  dishonest business practices;  lack of concern about the poor;  nothing new there. Our wealth as a nation and as [...]

Reflection for January 12th 2014

Acts 10 contains one of the great revelations of the New Testament, in which Peter realises that, although Jesus was a Jew, his liberating message of love for the whole world was not just for Jews, but for all people.  What a shame that Peter did not make the parallel leap that, although Jesus was [...]

Reflection for December 29th 2013

Matthew’s is the only gospel that records the flight of the small holy refugee family from Bethlehem to Egypt.  The reason for the flight was the “massacre of the innocents;”  every male child under two years old wrenched from their mother’s arms and killed at Herod’s command.  When Herod died, his successor as king of [...]

Reflection for November 10th 2013

Mervyn posts a reflection each week. Please join in; he welcomes comments. There is a theme in the lectionary today about the end of the world.  Jesus and Paul both expected it to happen quite quickly apparently.  People have been watching for the signs indicated in Revelation and Thessalonians for hundreds of years.  It hasn’t [...]

Amnesty International: Christmas Event

“...for evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing...” by Edmund Burke Just before Christmas, Liz & Jim Parrish invite people to help send a message of love & hope to prisoners of conscience around the world in an Amnesty International event. Event Update Saturday 23rd November, at Baildon Methodist [...]

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Mary's Meals

MARY's MEALS UPDATE Last week, members and friends from CTiB gathered at St Aidan's to begin sorting through the huge number of items that had been donated over the summer months by members of the community. Thank you so much to the everybody who contributed to the project - your generosity has been truly wonderful. [...]

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