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What is an Eco-congregation?

Since 2006 Baildon Methodist Church has become one of the rare nationally triple- certificated Eco-congregations. Our three Eco-congregation plaques are above the hatch in Wesleys. To achieve these accolades, we have been visited by external inspectors to check that we have met the requirements for the awards. We have: Included regularly in our worship services [...]


For Churches the call to action could not be clearer.  We should use as little plastic as possible, in catering or furnishing for example. Collecting plastics for ‘recycling’ is not sufficient.  We must always ask what happens to the “recycled” product.  This is often impossible to discover: the recycling firms often say they send it [...]

Climate Interfaith Climate Workshops – Leeds

Developed by Christian Aid, this online workshop series has the aim of connecting and equipping people of faith for climate action. For the Eventbrite sign up page for Leeds click HERE Get ready for COP26: be part of climate action The urgency of the climate crisis hasn’t changed.  With the UK set to host critical [...]

Reflections of a Lay Pastor:  September 22nd 2019  The Crooked Manager

The story of the crooked manager in Luke 16 is a parable, and a very odd one.  We can’t ask: “Who is represented by the rich man?”  “Who is represented by the crooked manager?” because these questions don’t make sense when applied to a parable.  It is just a story that illustrates a truth;  Jesus [...]

Reflections of a Lay Pastor:  August 4th 2019  Hosea puts his finger on it

Today’s readings are about how we have lost our way.  Hosea 11 starts the ball rolling with a frightening description of modern life, echoed by Paul (Colossians 3) and Jesus (Luke 12).  All are reminding us that there are good ways to live and destructive ways to live.  We often describe these ways in language [...]

Reflections of a Lay Pastor:  July 28th 2019:  Vanity Fair

Paul’s letter to the Colossians (2:6-15 is in today’s lectionary) is about living Jesus-Shaped lives, for people who had never known Jesus in the flesh, as indeed Paul hadn’t either. William Makepeace Thackeray had a way with words;  the opening scene in the TV series of Vanity Fair, spoken by Michael Palin, haunt me:  “This [...]

Reflections of a Lay Pastor:  July 21st 2019: Wasps

This week’s lectionary, unusually, did not inspire me, particularly as I was captivated by watching some wasps building a nest.  The big queen had found the hole in March, in that spell of fine weather, and had spent the spring building the first few cells in which to lay her first eggs, which then hatch [...]