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Climate Interfaith Climate Workshops – Leeds

Developed by Christian Aid, this online workshop series has the aim of connecting and equipping people of faith for climate action. For the Eventbrite sign up page for Leeds click HERE Get ready for COP26: be part of climate action The urgency of the climate crisis hasn’t changed.  With the UK set to host critical [...]

Fairtrade Competition

“Come on in” Design an A4 invitation to a Fairtrade event, real or imaginary. Remember to include the Fairtrade Mark Open to individuals, schools, colleges and groups of all ages Prizes will be awarded to 3 different age-groups: Pre-school Under 12s Under 18s Adults (18+) Closing Date: Weds 21 st March 2018 Fairtrade Footballs and [...]

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Reflections of a Lay Pastor: August 16th 2015

Am I alone in feeling as much sympathy with the refugees in Calais as I do for those stuck in Kentish traffic jams on their way to a well-earned holiday?  Am I alone in thinking that people with the gumption to get themselves across the world from Afghanistan or Somalia even to get to Calais, [...]

Steven Wild – NEW President of the Conference

A couple of weeks ago, The Methodist Church inaugurated Rev Steven Wild as the new President of Conference.  In his inaugural address at the Conference in Southport, he challenged each Methodist Church in Britain to aim to bring just one person to faith in the coming year, saying: "Let's take God seriously.  I want to help [...]

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At a packed hall (700+ people) in Beeston, people from a wide range of Churches, Mosques and schools, with trades unionists and universities' representatives, business leaders, Council leaders and politicians - people of diverse faith perspectives and none - came together for the amazing first Leeds Citizens Assembly. 10 years on from the awful [...]

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New Museum of Methodism

A museum telling the story of Methodism's immense influence on Britain and the world opened in central London on Saturday 25th May.  Situated in the crypt of the "Cathedral of Methodism", Wesley's Chapel, the Museum of Methodism promises to take visitors on a journey of spiritual discovery. It is a project that has brought together [...]

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WHAT IF THE CHURCH SAW BLOOD AND ORGAN DONATION AS A PART OF ITS GIVING? fleshandblood is a campaign to mobilise the church to increase the number of blood & organ donors in the UK, a call to recognise a need and respond with an act of generosity.  Founded as a partnership between Kore and NHS [...]

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Lectionary Reflection for August 26th 2012

Paul finishes his letter to the Ephesians (6:10-20) with a passage about putting on the whole armour of God.  This analogy of a war has been applied by many people to living a Christian life.  The key message is that you can’t know what the world is going to throw at you, so get prepared [...]