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Beyond the Lunch Club

Transforming communities and Churches through better understanding and engagement with older people. A training day for people from churches or Christian groups who want to understand and engage more with local older people. The day will be interactive and provocative with learning from practitioners, one another and older people themselves. It will help to affirm [...]

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Lectionary Reflection for December 25th

Luke implies that he was privy to Mary’s innermost thoughts but he must have had to miss bits out to get the whole nativity and childhood of Jesus into chapter two.  Five days on the back of a donkey for a girl nine months pregnant deserves a fuller description, for instance. Mary and Joseph probably [...]

Lectionary Reflection for September 4th

“Love your neighbor as yourself. Love does no harm to a neighbor”.  So says Paul in today’s lectionary reading, Romans 13:8-14.  So, I am thinking about how to love myself so that I do no harm to myself.  The trouble is that most of the ways I can think of to love myself actually turn [...]

Lectionary Reflection for July 10th

Jesus tells a parable, reported in Matthew 13, about a sower who went out to sow.  So this is about seeds. Most plants are very generous with their seed, thank goodness.  Some seed are embedded in red fruits;  raspberries;  easy to find; yummy.  Their species depends on animals finding them, eating them, and later depositing the seed [...]

Lectionary Reflection for June 19th, Trinity

The first reading in this week’s lectionary is in Genesis 1 telling the story of the creation.  In this first story, men and women were created at the same time.  In a second story (Genesis 2:18) a woman was created for a man, out of one of his ribs, because he needed a companion.  The writer of [...]