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Pastoral Group

PASTORAL VISITORS AND PASTORAL SUPPORTERS  Called to serve and care A Pastoral Visitor / Pastoral Supporter: maintains a caring and supportive relationship with the member/s for whom s/he has pastoral care, through contact at church, by phone / email / text – or through home visits at mutually agreed times; shares any concerns or [...]

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Meeting Room Hire

All the rooms in the Church / Wesleys are available for hire for private functions or regular meetings The building is a no-smoking facility and alcohol cannot be consumed here.  There are a number of rooms available, from small meeting rooms, Wesleys Hall or maybe even the Church itself. If you would like to [...]

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We have signed up with the “Localgiving” website. We invite you to look at our webpage with Localgiving.   Suggestions for changes to the website welcome. They have got half-a-million pounds to give away to charities.  Until all £500,000 is gone, they will match the first £10 of every donation made on So, if [...]

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Do you use the internet to shop? Do you shop on popoular shopping internet sites such as, or Baildon Methodist Church now has an web-page. How does it works? easyfundraising is an easy way to raise funds for the Church.  You shop online with your favourite stores and you raise money [...]

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Enabling Group

The Enabling Group has now been integrated into the Resources Group and has the overall responsibility, on behalf of the Church Council [Managing Trustees], for the financial function of the Church. It ensures that the Church Centre is a warm and welcoming place and that appropriate facilities are provided. The Group is generally made up [...]

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Property Group

The Property Group has now been integrated with the Resources Group and looks after the Fabric of the Church Building including its day-2-day upkeep and repair. Staffed mainly by hands-on members of the Church, the Group tries to maintain the property from within itself, only delving into expensive external contractors where absolutely necessary.  We’re always on the [...]

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Pastoral Secretary

The Pastoral Secretaries Responsibilities are: To convene meetings of the Pastoral Committee and / or Pastoral Visitors; In partnership with the Leadership Team and Minister, to produce agendas and arrange for notes of the meetings to be kept, circulating both as appropriate To report regularly to the Church Council on pastoral issues and changes to [...]

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Church Treasurer

It is a privilege to be given responsibility for the Church’s finances and this section seeks to provide the necessary help and guidance. Right from the point the offering is received, those gifts become charitable funds. They are no longer in the ownership of the donors; the money has been given for the work of [...]

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Church Steward

What is a Church Steward? Church stewards are right at the heart of the local church. Working as a team with other stewards and alongside ministers, deacons and probationers they have responsibility for the full scope of the church's life and activities. This key role means that Church stewards have the dual responsibilities of leadership. [...]

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