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Running the Church

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Church Council

The Church Council is the ultimate governing body of Baildon Methodist Church, being the Church’s Managing Trustees.  Constituted by The Methodist Church’s Standing Orders 610 thru 616. As a member of the Church Council you will share in the responsibility of overseeing and leading the Church in:- the care of its members; its outreach, especially to [...]

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Baildon Methodist Church AGM

Baildon Methodist Church’s AGM usually takes place in Spring, and brings the whole congregation together after a Morning Service – the AGM is open to ALL. Most groups within the Church provide a report, so why not come along and find out how the Church is doing and have your say. […]

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Church Finances, Dec-11 Update

Have you ever wondered: [starlist] Who pays the minister? Who repairs the church? Where the collections at church end up? Why some people use collection envelopes? Why some people do not put money on the collection plate? [/starlist] How much does it cost to run Baildon Methodist Church? This is our second report and based [...]

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Fundraising Strategy Group (FSG)

There are two financial challenges for any Church but in particular Baildon Methodist Church: [starlist] To ensure weekly income covers our running costs [revenue]; To raise funds for our challenging building improvement strategy [capital]; [/starlist] The purpose of the Fundraising Strategy Group is to [arrowlist] Ensure members and other potential donors do not become overwhelmed [...]

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Future Building Group (FBG)

This time-limited Group was set up by BMC's Church Council on 23rd February 2011. Following on the highly regarded work of the Vision Group, the FBG's purpose is set down in the Terms of Reference approved by the Church Council.  In summary: Phase 1 (April to October 2011): To lay out the parameters and principles [...]

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