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Reflections of a Lay Pastor:  May 26th 2019: Climate Emergency

It would seem that over the last few weeks, every lectionary has recorded the huge changes that take place when people accept the Love of God into their lives, with all that entails.  Today the story is of a man, crippled from birth, who discovers the ability to walk at Jesus’ command.  The response of [...]

Reflections of a Lay Pastor: January 27th 2019: Living Adventurously

Our fourth Christian Value is “Living Adventurously”.  You may not consider Christopher McCandless to be a very good role model for us;  he died of starvation in a remote part of Alaska just short of 30 years old having achieved little but adventure.   But we might find some of his thoughts to be helpful.  For [...]

Reflections of a Lay Pastor: January 6th 2019 Epiphany

Epiphany is the twelfth day of Christmas, when we traditionally take down the decorations and start breaking our New Year Resolutions.  There must be more to it than that. When “Epiphany” is used in the field of research, it refers to that moment when, sorting through all the necessary trivia of data collection, the researcher [...]

Reflections of a Lay Pastor: December 2nd 2018 What have we become?

Reflections of a Lay Pastor:  December 2nd 2018  What have we become? The Gospel story for today (Luke 2:25-39), reports how two people greeted the baby Jesus when they saw him for the first time.  Simeon was an old man and he took Jesus in his arms and said that he was content to die [...]

Reflections of a Lay Pastor:November 18th 2018 Doomsday

Mark wrote a fiery Gospel and included a conflict story (13:1-8) told by Jesus that the subsequent Gospel writers did not pick up.  This is about what were then great buildings, and about one brick not being left on another.  Some of the “bricks” in the Jerusalem Temple weighed over 500 tonnes and the Temple [...]

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Reflections of a Lay Pastor: June 24th 2018: Brexit

We discuss a lot of things in our church, but Brexit is not one of them.  This is perhaps because there is a split right down the middle, and it is an issue on which we have all been made to take sides.  We each had to choose either “For” or “Against” in what was [...]

Thoughts for the week: May 6th 2018 Noah’s Ark

The story of Noah’s Ark is widely known;  it appeals to children;  it offers drawing and colouring opportunities.  Every major religion seems to have its own flood story and the reason is that there have been many environmental disasters in human pre-history, the stories of which have been passed down and interpreted by many generations [...]

Thoughts for the week: April 8th 2018 Giving your heart…

In 1986, Wham! issued a track that is surely on everyone’s Christmas playlist:  “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away…”  Young people nowadays seem to lack confidence in promising life-long partnerships even when convinced that they are in love.  Not surprising.  So many such partnerships go [...]

Reflections of a Lay Pastor: January 21st 2018: Changing Tack

Jesus called the fishermen (Mark 1:14-20) and they gave up their livelihood and followed him.  What a risk!  Yet this is how movements begin.  Sometimes, it will affect the lives of all it touches, Gandhi’s “Satyagraha” movement, non-violent resistance to British Rule, for instance.  This is sometimes how individual families change their fortunes.  The question [...]