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Sunday 10am Service

Our main act of worship is at 10:00am every Sunday. Worship is at the heart of our Church Community. All ages are encouraged to be together for the latter part of the Service, a crèche for the under threes is available.  Crayons and quiet toys are provided for younger ones.  During the first part of the service [...]

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The Lord’s Table is open to all who love the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus instituted a memorial meal with his intimate followers just before he died.  ‘Do this in remembrance of me,’ he said, over the simple elements of bread and wine he shared with his friends.  And as his friends we still do this, [...]

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Reflections of a Lay Pastor: March 29th 2015

We keep getting Jesus wrong!  When people wanted to hail him as their king, he simply rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.  We know the story;  we have seen hundreds of pictures of the event;  it is commemorated all over the world in different cultures on Palm Sunday;  what is so difficult to understand?  When [...]

Reflection for November 2nd 2014

Don’t be a follower!  That seems to be the message from Matthew 23.  Make your own mind up about things.  Don’t stick to rules that someone else has taught you.  Don’t copy the actions of people who know that they attract admiration.  Now who would that be today?  Not religious teacher for sure;  footballers, people [...]

Sunday 6:00pm Service

Sunday 6:00pm Service's These tend to be SPECIAL Service's, one-off's. You need to CHECK the website Calendar of Events when special services are planned.  In particular we often host or visit other churches in Baildon (or the Bradford North Circuit) for UNITED SERVICES.

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Some of us can’t or won’t climb mountains.

Wild and high places are more valuable to us than you might think.  The absence of crowds takes many decisions away from us: when to speak and when stay silent.  It takes away much visual stimulus too:  no subconscious reading of adverts.  We don’t spend our time judging other people:  is he a danger?  Is [...]

Laws fail us

The law always ended up being used as a Band-Aid on sin instead of a deep healing of it.  Not my words, Paul’s in Romans 8:4.  Why is it important?  What does it mean? Laws codify human experience;  they are written to govern one situation and then judges have to decide how they apply to [...]

Reflection for April 13th 2014

April 13th is Palm Sunday, commemorating Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, or a colt, I am unclear about the difference.  The important thing was that this echoed a prophecy of Zechariah indicating this was a King riding the animal. The symbolism was the thing.  People read symbols.  People like symbols because they short-cut [...]

Reflection for March 23rd 2014

In John’s gospel (4:36) Jesus points out that in so many situations, the person who enjoys the harvest is not the same as the person who sowed the seed.  We all benefit a lot from this phenomenon.  Some oak plantations in France are cultivated in a 300-year cycle;  many generations working successively with the same [...]

Reflection for December 1st 2013

Eddie Izzard’s parody of Paul’s letters:  Never put a sock in a toaster; Never put jam on a magnet; Never throw your Granny in a bag:  surely does not detract from the value of the advice in Romans 13:  Paul’s lasting legacy for us, written barely 20 years after the crucifixion of Jesus.  Paul exhorts Christians [...]