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Reflections of a Lay Pastor about divorce

In Mark 10:2-16, Mark quotes Jesus as talking about marriage, divorce, and the treatment of children.  The first message is clear:  divorce and remarriage constitute adultery.  The second places children at the heart of the loving gospel.  It is common to assume that Jesus is condemning divorce because avoiding adultery is one of the ten [...]

Reflection for April 27th 2014

There is no escaping talk of death and resurrection at Eastertime.  Early New-Testament writers accounted for the miraculous transformation of the disciples of Jesus from quivering wrecks to towers of strength by telling the story of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  The stories are as confused as you would expect from people who [...]

Reflection for March 23rd 2014

In John’s gospel (4:36) Jesus points out that in so many situations, the person who enjoys the harvest is not the same as the person who sowed the seed.  We all benefit a lot from this phenomenon.  Some oak plantations in France are cultivated in a 300-year cycle;  many generations working successively with the same [...]

Reflection for February 16th 2014

Deuteronomy doesn’t often figure in my reading but this one is a cracker: Deuteronomy 30:15-20.  Let me translate:  live well by the law of love or die sadly pursuing other agendas. While England under King John was pursuing pathetic quarrels with Scotland, Wales, France, Spain and the Pope in the early 1200s, Genghis Khan, an [...]

Reflection for January 19th 2014

Paul starts his first letter to the church at Corinth like a love letter.  He really did love those Corinthians!  This did involve the odd telling-off;  but it does. Being loved is one of our very basic needs.  Sadly, many children’s only experience of nurture involves shouting and slapping;  they can grow up to believe [...]

Reflection for December 29th 2013

Matthew’s is the only gospel that records the flight of the small holy refugee family from Bethlehem to Egypt.  The reason for the flight was the “massacre of the innocents;”  every male child under two years old wrenched from their mother’s arms and killed at Herod’s command.  When Herod died, his successor as king of [...]

Reflection for December 22nd 2013

The story of the birth of Jesus was unknown, or thought unimportant, by Paul (50AD) and Mark (70AD).  It was first recorded by Matthew and Luke (90AD) about 60 years after the death of Jesus.  The story gives old winter solstice celebrations a loving Christian emphasis, as we celebrate the godliness of a child born [...]

Family Faith Fest

Calling All Churches Did you know that we have loads of young families across the Bradford North Methodist Circuit and it's time we got everyone together!  So here's the date for your diary, Sunday 16th March 2014, for Bradford North's Family Faith Fest. We hope to include games, crafts, activities, competitions, teens chill-out zone and [...]

Reflection for October 6th 2013

Mervyn posts a reflection each week. Please join in; he welcomes comments. Scholars generally agree that the second letter to Timothy was written by Paul in the few weeks before his death in Rome:  a death which he anticipated by writing this letter, his last will and testament.  It is addressed to Timothy:  The son [...]

Jo Jingles

Music is FUN with Jo Jingles Music, singing & movement classes for children aged between 3 months to 5 years FREE TRIAL CLASS! Singing and active music making can help develop your child's language and listening skills, imagination and memory, physical development, social skills and confidence Contact: Mel Cooper on 07853 263143 Classes at [...]

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