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Church Council

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Church Council

Baildon Methodist Church - Church CouncilThe Church Council is the ultimate governing body of Baildon Methodist Church, being the Church’s Managing Trustees.  Constituted by The Methodist Church’s Standing Orders 610 thru 616.

As a member of the Church Council you will share in the responsibility of overseeing and leading the Church in:-

  • the care of its members;
  • its outreach, especially to those on the community roll;
  • planning its policy;
  • its financial commitments;
  • the care of its property (including money);

The Church Council generally consists of:

  • The Link Minister and/or probationary Ministers
  • The Church Stewards
  • The Church Treasurer
  • The Pastoral Committee Secretary
  • The Church Council Secretary
  • Not less than six and nor more than fifteen representatives elected annually by the General Church Meeting
  • Up to fifteen additional persons appointed by the council to ensure that all areas of the church’s life are adequately represented
  • One circuit steward appointed by the circuit stewards

Reports are usually presented by each office holder to the Church Council, preferably in writing, before each meeting.



Where: Baildon Methodist Church
Time: All meetings commence at 7:30pm unless otherwise stated
Frequency: The group generally meets three times a year.



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