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Church Membership

Church Membership

Church Membership

Our Church currently has 172 Members and has regular contact with over 1150 friends – between us we represent a wide range of beliefs.  In 2018 we admitted another eight new members

We are a congregation united by our mission statement:
Loving God, Loving People, Loving the World.

We’re a growing Church Community and seek new members to join us.

If you attend our church, you may wish to consider becoming a member.  If so, we will ask you to nominate someone from our church who is already a member, to introduce you to the congregation and stand by your side as you make the membership promises

These are the questions to which you would be asked to respond at your reception into membership. Would you be able to answer “Yes” to these questions?

  • Will you continue to commit yourself to the Christian life of worship and service, and to be open to the renewing power of God?
  • Will you continue to seek the strength of God’s Spirit as you accept the cost of following Jesus Christ in your daily life?
  • Will you continue to follow the commands of Jesus: to love God and to love your fellow men and women?

And the congregation will be asked:

  • Members of the body of Christ, Will you so maintain the Church’s life of worship and service so that (this new member) and all of our church family may grow in grace and in the knowledge and love of God and of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord?

If you would like to find out more and consider becoming a church member, contact Mervyn or Peter, our Lay Pastors, at lay pastor email link.

In 2014, we first followed a whole church program called Jesus Shaped People.  Since then we have followed programs about “Parables for Baildon” and about how to make our church a “Spirit-Filled Church”.  By examining the life and teaching of Jesus we try to find  “All we need to be a Christian and nothing we don’t”.  We have faced many challenges to discard some cherished beliefs and accept new ones.  We are still pursuing this adventure…

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