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We’re an active church; we’re also a worshipping church.  Service is both.

Sunday worship for us means coming together to express our praise and joy to God, who has called us to faith in Jesus Christ.  Through Jesus we can approach God freely as Father.  In services of worship we sing hymns and spiritual songs, old and new; we hear the Bible read and preached as the Word of God; and we pray, entrusting to God our own and others’ lives and problems, as we bring them to Him.  This trust in God perhaps signifies our highest form of praise.  Click here for more on Worship.

Our regular Sunday Services of worship are:

[list type=”plus”] [li]10am Family worship[/li] [li]4pm Praise & Worship for ALL ages[/li] [li]6pm Evening worship (monthly)[/li] [/list]

Sometimes our worship is fairly formal, but not always; and there’s our occasional informal Cafe-style Worship.

Besides Sunday Church Service, we meet regularly during the week for Prayer, for Singing, or for Bible study (e.g., Cell Groups, and Lent Course).  At Christmas and Easter especially we have a number of midweek worship services, and we regularly take short services out to local residential care homes.

Service is more than meeting for worship, however genuine the words and feelings.  We serve our Lord in all that we do as Christians in his name.  Scan the website to get some idea of what we do as a church.  But better still, come and talk to worshippers and find how their heart beats for others in so many diverse ways, in response to the God who has made such love possible.

Confession: We don’t do any of this as well as we should, but God hasn’t finished with us yet.

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