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Prayer is the spoken and/or unspoken communication that builds our relationship with God, in other words it is the fundamental link between ourselves and god.

We all struggle with prayer and it’s sometimes scary to come into the presence of the living God; and in another way it is difficult to do because it is frightening to come into the presence of the living God.

Our prayer group enables us to come into a prayer-full friendly structured environment.

Why not try the Baildon PRAYER WALK! All are welcome.

You can download the Baildon MC Prayer Leaflet by clicking HERE.

Garden walls

A small section of dry-stone walling.  Interlocking rocks of various shapes and sizes, standing on a firm foundation, banking up a border of plants for beauty, holding the looser earth in place for order in the garden.  A quick sketch by an artist, practising hand/eye coordination, but also capturing a bit detail of something that might otherwise be missed, and now viewed by you.  Artists are seers, encouraging you to look afresh.  What can you make of it?

With the discerning eye of faith, isn’t it all like us praying in the garden of God: called into place by God according to his master plan; with others, often so dissimilar; built on the foundation of Jesus and his words; and interceding in a weak and weedy world for our loving Lord’s renewal?

Roy Lorrain-Smith


The WEEKLY prayers for June 2019 are:

Week 1 Gardening God, placing us where you will, as you plan your new world, please help us to hold to our place, not feebly and fitfully, but firmly and faithfully.  Amen.

Week 2 Constructing God, arranging us alongside others, often very different, please help us to fit with them as fellow living stones, in walls that give you praise.  Amen.

Week 3 Sustaining God, providing a unshakeable and permanent foundation for our lives, separately and together, please help us to rely wholly on you and no other.  Amen.

Week 4 Supporting God, tenderly holding us in our weakness, knowing our friable frailties, please help us to support one another in need, compassionately, like Jesus.  Amen.

Week 5 Perceiving God, revealing your truth by your creation as well as by your word, written and whispered, please help us see, and hear, and heed responsibly.  Amen.

Your own prayers

Step by step

I came back and drew this later, to remind me of the event, my little “fell rescue”.  I’d found a man sitting on the top step of this stone stile, unable to move.  Crossing the wall he had suddenly “frozen” – which can happen to Parkinson’s sufferers (which he was), but doubtless made worse by the longer drop on the far side, and to more awkward terrain.  His wife couldn’t get him down, and didn’t want leave him to get help.  They’d been there an hour.

So I scrambled over and stood in front of him, so he would focus on me rather than the descent,  and got him to put one booted foot on my chest, then move one hand to this stone, then the other foot lower down (my front was ample enough), then his other hand on that lower stone…  And thus gradually, step by step, he was able to get down to ground level, and we could all walk home.

Step by step.  I do wonder if that’s the secret of getting off more than just a tricky stile on the fells.  There are times when we can feel “frozen” – unable to move or decide what to do next, the future seemingly impossible.  Perhaps with someone to help, if we can just take the first tiny step it can lead to the next, and so on, till we get back on the path.  Prayer by prayer, thought by thought, word by word, step by step.

Roy Lorrain-Smith


The WEEKLY prayers for July 2019 are:

Week 1 Considerate Lord, watching over your chosen children – and sending Jesus to liberate us from our hopeless difficulties, please help us hear what he says and do it, step by step.  Amen.

Week 2 Rescuing Lord, able to help us (each and all) whatever our difficulties, please help us to look not at those but to you, and let you lead us by the way we should go, step by step.  Amen.

Week 3 Compassionate Lord, never too busy or preoccupied to notice our fears and frights and to offer help, please help us admit all our worries and to trust your way out , step by step.  Amen.

Week 4 Sufficient Lord, all-seeing and always on call, please help us pray to you whenever we’re in difficulties and to heed your indwelling Holy Spirit to lead us home to you, step by step.  Amen.

Your own prayers

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