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Prayer is the spoken and/or unspoken communication that builds our relationship with God, in other words it is the fundamental link between ourselves and god.

We all struggle with prayer and it’s sometimes scary to come into the presence of the living God; and in another way it is difficult to do because it is frightening to come into the presence of the living God.

Our prayer group enables us to come into a prayer-full friendly structured environment.

Why not try the Baildon PRAYER WALK! All are welcome.

You can download the Baildon MC Prayer Leaflet by clicking HERE.

Dotty prayers

I discovered recently that 15th September is International Day of the Dot.  An art supplier was celebrating the day by offering 20% off the Cuttlelola Dotspen (a battery-operated pen for rapid dotting).  Sounds unlikely?  But truth is often stranger than fiction.  I use dots in my drawings sometimes, especially for distant trees: varying the intensity and size of dotting can capture their appearance, as you can see.

I’ve left some partly blank for you to complete, if you like, with anything that makes fine dots.  You need a lot of dots to bring the trees into being, of course, but if you persist they appear eventually, better than you think possible until you’ve tried.  (Then do the grass.)

Now: for dots read prayers.  I’ve written a few to start you off, and then you can have a go with your own.  It may take a lot of prayers to bring about what you want, but if you persist carefully then God will answer with something better than you ever imagined possible: his future, his kingdom, will come into being.  It may seem unlikely, but then as we have seen, truth is often like that.

Roy Lorrain-Smith


The WEEKLY prayers for November 2018 are:

Week 1 Heavenly Father, re-creating your fallen world through Jesus, calling us each to join in, please show us your encouraging possibilities, bit by bit.  Amen.

Week 2 Heavenly Father, Planner of the totality of all being, in all its detail, please show us we too have a role, whatever our past or present circumstances.  Amen.

Week 3 Heavenly Father, alive with fresh possibilities, continually surprising us, please encourage us to add our tiny dots to your emerging masterpiece.  Amen.

Week 4 Heavenly Father, Lord of both the instant command and the long process, please give us both faith and perseverance in all we do, as we follow you.  Amen.

Your own (dotty) prayers

Of prayer and phones

I’ve been having mobile phone problems.  No one can yet tell me whether it’s the battery or the inner gubbins (circuitry might be a better word), but what happens is that it can suddenly run out of steam and bleep at me for more power.  And it’s erratic.  Some days it’s fine, and other times it fails me within a few hours.

It’s such a pity, because I used to use the mobile phone as the ideal picture of prayer: being able to talk to someone who’s there but not visible, wherever you are.  And you see people doing it, all over the place  (would that we all prayed as much!).  You have to realise they’re not talking to themselves, any more that we are when we pray.  How am I to adjust the metaphor to allow for malfunctions like this?

We are assured that prayer never fails as far as God is concerned, and that he always hears believers’ prayers (Prov 15:8, 29).  I suppose it’s true that he refuses to listen to prayers from the wicked or unmerciful (Prov 21:13; 28:9), i.e., those who malfunction according to the circuitry he created us with, or the algorithms and procedural rules by which we’re supposed to work.  Could I build that in somehow?  It takes too much explaining to be really neat, like a pray-as-you-go phone, but perhaps it fits within the broad outline of the metaphor.  Anyway, I’ve got to go and talk with the phone repair guy and see what can be done to find the fault and put it right. I should pray about it too.  Meanwhile, if you have any helpful suggestions about any of this, do let me know.

Roy Lorrain-Smith


The WEEKLY prayers for December 2018 are:

Week 1 Hullo?  The connection’s not too good.  Perhaps it’s me.  Could you test the line and see what’s wrong, and fix it, or me, or whatever?  Yes, yes, I’ll do whatever you say is needed this end.  I’d be ever so grateful.  Bye.

Week 2 Hullo, is that JER 333?  Oh, good.  Well, it’s me again.  I want to ask you about those things I told you last time.  I hope you don’t mind.  You know, all those problems.  You said to keep asking, so I am.  Yes, we’ll talk again.

Week 3 Are you there, Lord? Things still aren’t right, you know.  Yes I know you told me it could take time to sort everything out, but please could you send me some more of that peace.  I seem to have run out.  Thanks.

Week 4 I need to talk, Lord.  I’m really glad I was able to get through.  What?  You’ve been waiting for me to call… never too busy…?  Well… I didn’t like to bother…  But, yes, I do need to talk… share things… ask you help…

Week 5 Oh hi.  This is me.  No I don’t want to ask for anything this time, just to thank you so much for being there for me always.  And helping when I need.  I do appreciate it, really.  And I wanted you to know.  Thanks!

Your own (dotty) prayers