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Prayer is the spoken and/or unspoken communication that builds our relationship with God, in other words it is the fundamental link between ourselves and god.

We all struggle with prayer and it’s sometimes scary to come into the presence of the living God; and in another way it is difficult to do because it is frightening to come into the presence of the living God.

Our prayer group enables us to come into a prayer-full friendly structured environment.

Why not try the Baildon PRAYER WALK! All are welcome.

You can download the Baildon MC Prayer Leaflet by clicking HERE.

Facing the storm

We’re a pattern-seeking animal. We join dots to form pictures. We investigate things and find reasons for them. And when we do, we are being true to ourselves for that’s how we were made by the Creator God. Moreover, with these abilities we were also commissioned to have dominion (=stewardship) over all the earth and its living things, and subdue it all or keep it in order. God loves order, in the world as well as in the church (Gen 1:26-28; 1 Cor 14:33). But two problems arise. First, we are poor at our job, tending to selfish concerns. And second, arising from that, the earth and its creatures get uppity at times.

One Biblical example of such was the great storm on Lake Galilee that threatened to sink the boat carrying Jesus with his disciples. He rebuked the wind and waves and told them to calm down, which they did, but he clearly implied that craven fear had not been the proper response he expected of his disciples, though they were right to appeal to him for help. (Mt 8:24-27)

So as we face our corona-storm, what response does he expect from us? It must not be fear, fatalism or despair, nor must we abandon our call to restore order – by whatever means is available to us in our situation. Never in our own strength, of course. We can, and are expected to, pray for the help we need, for ourselves, our scientists and our leaders at every level. And to do so with confident faith that he will answer us.

Roy Lorrain-Smith


The WEEKLY prayers for June 2020 are:

Week 1 Creator God, who made us in your own image to be here on earth for you, please help us to fulfil your calling, using your gifts, for your glory. Amen.

Week 2 Creator God, with an orderly plan for us and for all creation, please help us to find and to follow our part in it, through Jesus, and for your glory. Amen.

Week 3 Creator God, with a rescue plan in place through Jesus, by which all creation will be restored to you, please help us seek more of your glory. Amen.

Week 4 Creator God, whose nature is always to forgive and restore, please help us not to presume on your mercy, but gratefully follow your Son’s lead. Amen.

Your own prayers

Facing the storm

What is God saying?
It is of course up to each one of us to listen to what God may be saying to us in our circumstances (as well as through the Bible), not least when things are altered radically, as by this coronavirus. What is he showing us, or calling us to do: repent; believe afresh; change our behaviour; or refocus our patterns of spending and giving, and our actions; or whatever? Listening is always important, but perhaps especially so now.

But just as we don’t read other people’s letters, we must resist the temptation to peek into what God may be saying to others, unless of course they ask us to because they need help with reading, or understanding, or deciding. And in that case we must make very sure we don’t misread or mislead: our task would be to help the recipient hear clearly the message the sender intended – and that may require of us a careful listening attitude.

However, as members of Christ’s body, the Church, we have another listening role: to hear what God is saying to us as a Church. How should the Church respond to the present call/crisis/opportunity? We may or may not be in a leadership role, but all of us have ears to hear and hearts and minds to pray. We can ask the Lord to make his message clear, and that we all (and leaders in particular) are directed aright. And we can ask for the boldness we all need to respond as we should: repent; believe afresh; change our behaviour; or refocus our patterns of spending and giving, and our actions; or whatever – and to worship the one true God in spirit and in truth, wherever we are, proclaiming Jesus as Lord.

Roy Lorrain-Smith


The WEEKLY prayers for July 2020 are:

Week 1: Dear Lord God, both merciful and mighty, please have compassion on our frailty in the face of this threat, and give us bold strength to endure, in faith, through Jesus. Amen.

Week 2: Great God of All, who speaks to your people is ways we can understand, please still our hears to listen and open our ears to hear all that you are saying to us at this time. Amen.

Week 3: Heavenly Father, calling us into families of faith, please unite us in your love and help us listen together to your words of comfort and discipline in our present plight. Amen.

Week 4: Mighty God, against whom no evil can prevail, please help us walk with Jesus, our Lord, hanging on in there, and doing his work his way, as he directs, for your glory. Amen.