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Prayer is the spoken and/or unspoken communication that builds our relationship with God, in other words it is the fundamental link between ourselves and god.

We all struggle with prayer and it’s sometimes scary to come into the presence of the living God; and in another way it is difficult to do because it is frightening to come into the presence of the living God.

Our prayer group enables us to come into a prayer-full friendly structured environment.

Why not try the Baildon PRAYER WALK! All are welcome.

You can download the Baildon MC Prayer Leaflet by clicking HERE.

Could do better

The two little boys next door have taken to calling us Joy and Rean, despite repeated parental correction. We hear their shrill voices calling to us over the garden wall or when we meet in the street. Though we’re not sure which of us is Joy and which is Rean, we stand not upon the order of our naming but give them our attention. Contact is made.

Likewise, I don’t think it matters much if we get a bit mixed up with our name for God when we pray. Most prayers in the Bible are addressed to God, but some are to Jesus, and though few if any are directed to the Holy Spirit, he certainly wants to speak to us: teaching and guiding us about what to do and where to go, and with whom. Moreover, when we call out to God, by any of the names given to him in Scripture (and there are many, reflecting different aspects of his nature – though the NT special, always preferred by Jesus, is still ‘Father’: as in, When you pray, say, Our Father who art in heaven…), by whatever name we use he is not going to be stuffy about it. He listens. Contact is made, and there is communication.

Sometimes the little boys next door have no time to listen to us because either or both of them won’t stop talking themselves, so conversation can be a bit one-sided. It’s a lot better than nothing, but I do wonder if some of our prayer time is like that. And, like the old school report, we could do better. Listening better so we can do better.

Roy Lorrain-Smith


The WEEKLY prayers for October 2020 are:

Wk 1 Almighty God, with whom nothing is impossible in the working of your great plan to restore all creation, please give us faith to work with you, whatever you call us to do. Amen.

Wk 2 Heavenly Father, commanding yet compassionate, loving enough to discipline your children through Jesus your Son, please fill us with your Holy Spirit that we may honour you. Amen.

Wk 3 Most High God, above all other rival claimants to power in our lives, please help us to worship you – in words of praise, but also in lives of willing and thankful obedience. Amen.

Wk 4 Lord Jesus, we worship you as our Rescuer and Leader, taking us back to God. Please help us abide in you as your words abide in us, and in our lives bear fruit that glorifies him. Amen.

Your own prayers

The destiny for some trees is the production of timber, for making rafters or floorboards or furniture for our homes, or paper for our communication, or numerous other useful items (each storing carbon).

That isn’t to say that trees aren’t useful while they’re still growing – good to look at or walk through, and providing habitats for wildlife and lots of other benefits we now call environmental. Indeed, that’s the role of many trees all their lives (building and holding their carbon).

If you feel you have found your Godappointed role, pray for his strength to use all your gifts for the common good, in church and beyond, in all the opportunities he provides. If you are still growing and wondering, pray for guidance and patience, accepting his loving discipline and praising him for the potential he is yet to reveal in you. And at every stage, rejoice and give thanks to the Lord for his mercy and calling.


The WEEKLY prayers for August 2020 are:

Week 1 Forester Lord, knowing my potential before and better than I do myself, please discipline, guide and grow me to the destiny you planted me for. Amen.

Week 2 Harvester Lord, knowing when a major change is needed in my service to you, please help me accept the new challenges of fresh opportunities. Amen.

Week 3 Warden Lord, knowing all the help that I can give others just as I am (whether I myself can see it or not), please grant me joy in your service. Amen.

Week 4 Manager Lord, overseeing all your domain with active benevolence, please mend my flaws and strengthen my faintness towards your goal. Amen

Your own prayers