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Redevelopment Plans UPDATE

/, The Future/Redevelopment Plans UPDATE

Redevelopment Plans UPDATE

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Phase 1

Site Plan
GF Plan & Elevation
1F Plan & Elevation
Site Sections
Fold Entrance
Sketch: Stone to Render

Phase 2A
GA Plan
Rm 1
Rm 2
Rm 3
Male WC
Female WC

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  1. David Lee May 19, 2013 at 2:59 pm - Reply

    Further to my question at the church AGM, I would appreciate an answer. If room to is converted to the ladies toilet, what provision is being made to replace it? In actual fact, it is one of the most used rooms and, as I pointed out, the convertion of room 1 into two rooms with a dividing partition is not satisfactory. You may think me “nit-picking” but I am not. I speak for a number of people.

    I would appreciate your response to this question.

    • Ashley France May 19, 2013 at 4:45 pm - Reply

      Hi David,
      Thanks for your comments. Firstly, the folding partition in the original Rm 1 will be an acoustic partition, and therefore the intention would be that these 2 rooms could be used together by 2 different meetings. You will also notice that the existing Rm 3, the old police room, has been made larger. In addition, the existing rm 4, the quiet room as was, would be more accessible being straight off the new church vestibule and also made better acoustically with a dropped ceiling and an upgraded partiton between the church and itself. That lot combined with the proposed new 1st floor on the marley building, and the possbility of adapting the new upstairs room over wesleys into usable meeting space should be enough meeting spaces for us..

  2. Anthea Petts May 26, 2013 at 3:40 pm - Reply

    As Chairman of Westgate Drama Group I would like to comment on their behalf.
    As a User Group we will require the retractable seating to be retained, a lighting gallery and safe storage for flats and props etc.
    We are pleased with your response to my email in that there is no intention to remove the retractable seating, however, we are unable to understand how this can be achieved if the door to the hall from the corridor is to be widened as shown on the updated plans as this is bound to impinge on the seating.
    Perhaps you will be able to explain this when we meet to discuss the lighting gallery on 4th June at 7.00pm

  3. Ashley France May 30, 2013 at 9:10 pm - Reply

    Hi Anthea,
    Thanks for your message.
    There’s no intention to alter the retractable seating. There are some modifications to the way the lighting gantry might work and i will discuss this with you on 4th June. The doorway currently shown cutting into the seating would be relocated to widen the existing opening.

  4. Roy Woodhead June 2, 2013 at 9:00 am - Reply

    Newton Way
    Distance between two sets of doors look too tight for wheelchair access
    Ramp down into Wesleys looks too narrow compared with the the existing Wesleys ramp and the 90deg. turn looks as if this would be very difficult
    Binswell Fold
    Distance between two sets of doors look too tight for wheelchair access and doors in reverse direction to those on Newton Way. Why.
    Approach to the entrance door on the bridge link to the second floor of the new building does not have space at the side of the door required for wheelchair approach. The external ramp is very narrow
    Ground floor new building entrance lobby does not have space at the side of the door required for wheelchair approach.
    Provision of the disabled toilet directly off the cafe seating area without vented lobby. Does this comply with regulations. Why not retain Disabled w.c. in its current location adjacent to the other toilet provision.
    Position of glazing to alfresco area , taken with clear route into caretakers flat and access to the uuper level of the new building, leaves room for only very minimal alfresco seating.
    Upper storage level currently being considered for future youth activities has a single open stair leading out of a space directly linked to the kitchen and the servery. No other means of escape. Is there sufficient headroom under the stair as it crosses the servery. Section required to show headroom at the head of stair where roof over new kitchen slopes upward.
    Caretakers flat; does new roof profile cut across bedroom window. How does new two storey building impact on views out of lounge.
    Lantern light over Wesleys; new upper storage facility blanks out the windows on one side of the proposed lantern.
    Solar panels shown on roof of new upper store appear to be on a frame above the roof surface. Could these not be incorporated into the roof slope of the Hall in a similar manner to those on the main Church or incorporated onto the roof of the lantern light
    Lower floor of the new building; Is there enough headroom in the toilets under the walkway, and enough to allow the sun-tubes to cross the ceiling.
    Walkway behind new building; will all the windows here need to be fire rated to allow as escape route. Provision of a sloping footpath along the boundary to the rear of the houses on The Grove / Newton Way around the far side of the new building would allow wheelchair escape from the triangular patio and avoid new steps up onto the walkway and then down again under the bridge link. Can ladder access to the high level external store be maintained after the installation of the walkway and the projecting eaves of the new building.
    Current Vestry now becomes an access / circulation route into the Church . Is there no Vestry requirement. Access from Newton Way cuts off air supply to basement and boilers.
    Elevation from Binswell Fold and Door to new underground storage; does the provision of this door require the car park to be dug out and thereby creating an even steeper car park gradient.
    Cleaners Room; position of the door at one end of the room and the sink at the other will mean much of the floor space is taken up with circulation space. Would it not be better to have may be two doors along the length of the circulation route
    Hall; position of the double doors as introduced will result in the removal the seating. There is no indication of the lighting gallery in these proposals. Serving hatch into the Hall will allow noise from catering operations to pass into the Hall and impact on any use of the hall as a venue for meetings or performances.
    A programme of construction works needs to be explained to the Church in order that they can see how the various works can be carried out and the effects those works have in the day to day operations of the Church activities. Moving the toilets and kitchen and the construction of a completely new roof over Wesleys combined with new foundations for the columns will cause major disruption.

  5. Ashley France June 2, 2013 at 1:04 pm - Reply

    Thanks for your very thorough comments. I will pass these to the architect for consideration.

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