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Baildon Methodist Church is a part of the Bradford North Methodist Church of 14 churches that share a Team of 3 Ministers.

Our LINK Minister into the team is Rev Nick Blundell

Our current Team Ministers are: Rev’s Nick Blundell [Superintendent], Phil Drake, Christine Crabtree

Rev Nick Blundell – Circuit Superintendent

I’m Cheshire born but Yorkshire bred, As are my children, it must be said, Though they’re grown up, moved away, Teenage step-daughters have come my way… This might be why my hair is greying, Middle spreading – hear what I’m saying – Or maybe it’s the jobs I do, One in the district, and one with you!Though I don’t do stress, well, not that much, and I work with humour and a gentle touch.

I relax with Julie, with books and walks – We both like films, but only I like sports And though you wouldn’t know it, in my spare time, I’m a poet.

You can get in touch directly with Nick by email.

Rev Phil Drake

I have moved to West Yorkshire from South Wales. I am married to Ruth and we have three children aged 16, 13 and 11. I have been a minister for fourteen years previously serving in Cardiff and Liverpool. Prior to training in Durham I was a church lay worker, youth worker, an adult educator and a primary school teacher (not all at the same time!).
I am interested in education and learning, working with small groups and how churches use outside spaces.

You can get in touch directly with Phil by email.

Rev Christine Crabtree

I was born in Cardiff, South Wales. Having taught German at secondary schools in Hertfordshire for ten years, i then worked at All Nations Christian College, Ware, first as Academic Secretary then as Chaplain.  Alongside that, i trained part-time for ministry at North Thames Ministerial Training Course. My ministry began in Cardiff (2004 to 2009) in pastoral charge of an urban and one inner city church where i was able to use my creative gifts to write songs and sketches.  I then moved to Lincoln (2009 to 2014) where I was in pastoral charge of 4 village churches where i did an introductory course in Spiritual Direction and felt the call to this ministry grow deeper and was co-leader of “Create-days” to inspire people to be more creative in leading worship.

I am a creative person and enjoy writing sketches, reflections and song words that can be used to bring freshness to worship.  I bring honesty to my preaching, exploring questions rather than providing answers.  I enjoy leading Lent and Advent Groups where there is space for sharing and discussion.  In reaching out through baptisms, weddings and funerals I try to offer an encounter with God who loves, in the hope of forming a positive impression of church that might leave people open to hear more.  I believe that Church is a family where everyone belongs and has something.  In my spare time (!) i enjoy walking and cycling, especially in the presence of water, whether that be the sea, a river or a lake.  Couple this with gardening, drawing, writing, creativity

You can get in touch directly with Christine by email.

Team Ministry

From September 2012 the traditional model of Methodist Ministry exercised by Methodist presbyters in the Bradford North Circuit changed from each Minister being in pastoral charge of their own church, to Team Ministry.

Our 3 Methodist Ministers, working together with lay employees, exercise pastoral charge of the circuit churches….. in a way, one church with 14 branches.

Pastoral care of the Methodist people is largely delivered by the Methodist people themselves, through pastoral visitors, church stewards, group leaders, friendship support, with the Ministerial Team ensuring training, supervision, and being available for appropriate referral and support.

At Baildon Methodist Church, we also have the services and support of two voluntary Lay Pastors (Mervyn & Peter) who work closely with our Ministers

If you want to contact a Minister within the team, you can do that via the local number 0845 6060820 or e-Mail them