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Decision Making

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How decisions are taken at Baildon Methodist Church

THE CHURCH COUNCIL is the overall governing body of the Church.  It is made up of Church Stewards, representatives from all the main committees and activities of the church and elected church members.  It usually meets three times a year.  The meetings are chaired by a Minister.  The Church Council Secretary is Rosemary Francis.  To see a full list of Charity Trustees click HERE

The BAILDON LEADERSHIP TEAM (often referred to as “BLT”) meets regularly with our Link Minister, Rev Nick Blundell, to manage the day to day decisions needed to effectively run our vibrant Church and Community life.  The members of the leadership all represent key areas of our church’s work.  For further information contact Chris Flecknoe.  Click HERE to find out more information about BLT


  1. The Treasury Committee looks after the financial affairs of the Church.  For more information contact John Sykes
  2. The Worship and Church Life Committee considers and plans future worship arrangements and ensures that things run smoothly for the weekday activities of the Church.  For more information contact Chris Flecknoe
  3. Pastoral Committee brings together all Pastoral Visitors and Pastoral Supporters / Sponsors to attend to the care-needs of our members.  For more information contact Peter Jackson
  4. Safeguarding Committee oversees all matters to do with safeguarding.  For more information contact Peter Jackson
  5. Wesleys Community Baildon Ltd (WCBL) oversees the direction of developments for Wesleys Café, our Building Improvement Project and Community Activities at Wesleys through its three sub-committees.  For more information about WCBL contact Gareth James
    1. The Catering Committee Co-chaired Christine Leighton and Helen Thomas look after this area.  Click HERE for their ToR
    2. The BiG Team (Building Improvement for Growth) Team Chaired by Gareth James
    3. The Community Committee Chair positionis currentl vacant.  Click HERE for their ToR