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First of all, a BIG thank you to all of you who have given your time, talent and money to Baildon Methodist Church over the last year or so to make possible the many activities shown in this website.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and the Church could not run its very varied work without your help.  We hope that like most of our volunteers, you have gained friendship and sense of helping others as a result of your gifts.  We continue to need more volunteers to increase our activities and to help those who have been volunteers for many years and of course running the Church involves costs which total about £118,000 per year and made up of:-

  • Utilities – Electric, Gas, Water £11,000

  • Insurance £ 3,000

  • Maintenance of Building & Equipment £ 8,000

  • Mission (cost of Visiting Preachers, Layworker, Food & Drinks, Bibles, Junior Church) £ 5,000

  • Publicity & Communications (Printing & Stationery, Website, Licence for Church Music) £ 5,000

  • Cleaning & Caretaking £15,000

  • Methodist Circuit (to cover Ministers stipends and housing, Contribution to Methodist UK & Circuit expenses) £71,000

The income which finances the above expenses is from

  • Donations and Regular Gifts including Gift Aid tax relief £86,000

  • Room Letting £25,000

  • Wesley Café £ 7,000

As above the total income is about the same as the total expenses so as donations to help cover its costs are Church’s main source of income, any help you can give either at Church perhaps using the envelope scheme or with a standing order (forms for both available from the treasurer at Church) or online below will be greatly appreciated.  In addition to its general running costs and the various outside charities it supports monthly, Baildon Methodist Church is currently fundraising for “Wesleys Refurbishment”, the Church’s BiG Fund is being used for this.  We hope to start this work during this summer (2020) and any help towards this will also be greatly appreciated.  Virgin Money Giving or using Easyfundraising as below are good ways to give online for this or cheques made payable to “Baildon Methodist Church BiG Fund” can be sent to the treasurer at Church.

Additional volunteers are always welcome too, if you wish to join us please come to Church or Wesleys or click HERE

Click HERE to make a donation to the BIG Fund

Click HERE to link to the Easy Fundraising page

Click HERE to link to the Church’s Paypal Donation page