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Out give the giver

Out give the giver

The GiverCan the giver be outgiven?  Indeed.

A few months ago I purchased a small item on e-bay for a few pounds and decided right afterwards that I didn’t want it.

I contacted the seller and told her and added, please do not refund the money.  Just re-post it and sell it again to someone else.  I still gave her a positive review of the transaction.

She responded, “No one has ever done this before.”

She then said, “What I will do is to sell it again, take that money and do something for someone else.”

One good deed was offered.  One good deed returned.  You can out give the giver.

I recently purchased something else on e-bay.  When it arrived it was damaged.

At first I was outraged because the item came a long distance and needed to be packed appropriately.

It wasn’t.

I contacted the seller and told him what had happened. He in turn responded and asked what he could do to make this right.  I didn’t want to return it. I wanted the item because they were hard to find. I also didn’t know what to request to make up for this.  So, I left it up to him.

He offered to refund the amount of the shipping since shipping was part of the problem.

Then God stepped in.

I sat down at my computer and told the seller not to refund any amount. I went on to share my last few years of personal challenges and told him, “You work hard for your money and I know having a poor or negative review of this transaction on e-bay may cost you sales.”

I told him that I would give him all positive remarks.

What I asked for instead was for him to simply “pray for me.”

I sent him a few pictures just to make sure he knew I wasn’t lying about the damage.

Then I waited.

Tonight I recieved this reply:

“Thank you Bob but I want to issue you the refund, I am do this as a business from home so I can be home with my son and I want to teach him to be fair to people like I would like them to be to me. I thank you and I hope you find more items for your collection.”

I followed what God suggested and told him not to refund the money.  Instead I asked for prayer.

He reversed the good deed and refunded it for all the right reasons.

One good deed was offered.  One good deed returned.  One awesome lesson learned.

You can out give the giver.

Can you?

by Bob Perks

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