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Good Planet Care Starts with Groups

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Good Planet Care Starts with Groups

As individuals we are important, but we are much more effective when we act with others in a group.  There are all sorts of benefits, especially when the group meets for the purpose of doing something for others.

We depend more than we always realise on the web of social interaction, on the community of neighbours doing things together.  When this goes wrong it is horrible.  Think of dysfunctional housing estates where people live in fear and isolation.  Members of groups support each other when times get tough;  a close working relationship is a form of loving bond.

I am glad that I belong to a Church where there are so many positive groups.  Wesleys Cafe is the obvious one, but think of the others: the Pastoral Visitors, the Flower Group, the Drama Group, the Cell Groups, the Prayer Group, Bumps and Babes, Rhythm Time, See and Know, the Fellowship of St. Andrew, the Stewards, Guides, Brownies, Rainbows, Beavers; the Fair for Action for Children, The Traidcraft Group, the Teachers in the Junior Church,   and I have left a lot out.

Britain is now committed to a strict climate change plan of a 60 percent reduction by 2030.  This reduction will affect all of us and is for the benefit of our descendents, much loved but as yet unborn.  It will involve us in finding new ways to heat our homes and our public buildings, new methods of transport, and in not buying so much stuff from China only to throw it away a year later!  Those of us who work in groups will fare better than those of us who are isolated.  It is up to us to help more people out there to join in our culture of loving working groups or fellowship, as we used to call it.  This is part of our mission to bring the Love of God to more people and to help our Government to fulfil the noble targets it has set us all.

By Mervyn Flecknoe, Eco Officer

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