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Green Ginger Group

///Green Ginger Group

Green Ginger Group

At most recent meeting of the Group, on 12th October, the following recommendations were made:

  • we feel sure that any future changes to the heating system of the church and other buildings on our premises should be via a ground source heat pump.  We have had advice before that this was not feasible but we are going to investigate further.  John Anderson and Mervyn Flecknoe will be attending trade shows shortly and will report back.  The advantages are that we shall always have electricity from wind and solar power, whereas gas will not be with us for long and its consumption damages an already fragile eco-system;
  • Exclusive use of any part of our premises must be for some purpose that is in line with our mission.  We do not feel that the almost exclusive use of future premises by a table tennis club fulfils these criteria.  A table tennis club may contribute £50k, but this is not much when considering the capital cost of the building that we would be creating.  They would need access evenings, weekends and available afternoons.  This would exclude guides, scouts and youth club use.  We would be building for the purposes of a secure income stream and we don’t feel that this is a justification on its own, valuable though table tennis is as a recreation;
  • We would like to enter into discussions about the potential use of a lower floor in the replacement of the Marley Hut by a full time nursery school.  We would be prepared to support exclusive use for this purpose if we could show that it was in line with our mission.  I am volunteering to discuss this with the BaildonPreschool group and with the Children’s Centre at Sandal, who have an overview and professional expertise.  This is urgent before we engage with the architect;
  • We would like the upper floor of the new building to be dedicated to children’s and young people’s activities.  We see no other use in line with our mission to Baildon.  It may also be convenient to describe it as a conference centre for other purposes when not required by young people.


Baildon Methodist Church is a nationally certificated Eco-congregation and as such it aims to celebrate and preserve the integrity of Gods creation.

Rev Alistair Newton received the Eco-congregation  plaque  for 2009-2011 from Councillor  John Cole.  On Sunday 9th September 2012, our senior steward received the plaque for 2012-2015 from our MP, Philip Davies.  We are acutely aware that there  is much more to do to reduce our burden on the Earth.

The Church Green Ginger Group meets to consider progress and initiatives.   The Group acts as a support to the Eco Officer, to set policy for his or her work.  Anyone who wishes to further these aims is welcome to join.

You can join this fabulous cause by getting in touch with Mervyn via email at

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The Green Ginger Group meets half-yearly at church at 19:30pm on a weekday and is convened by Mervyn Flecknoe. The next meeting will be on Thursday, 11th October 2012 at 16 Plantation Way.  The purpose of the meeting will be to consider ecological issues about the new building program.  Please tell Mervyn if you wish to attend.




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