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JSP6 Wk 1 Introducing Journey to Jerusalem’

//JSP6 Wk 1 Introducing Journey to Jerusalem’

JSP6 Wk 1 Introducing Journey to Jerusalem’

Opening Prayer (Collect)
Lord Jesus Christ,
we would walk with you afresh
as you travel to Jerusalem,
and prepare your disciples for all that lies ahead.
We long to grasp all that you seek of us now,
and become more fully your disciples today,
in the power of your Spirit.  Amen

Closing Prayer
Thanks be to you our Lord Jesus Christ,
for all the benefits you have given us;
for the pains and insults you have borne for us.
O most Merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother,
may we see you more clearly,
love you more dearly,
and follow you more nearly,
day by day. Amen

Bible Passages: Psalm 130.1-8 Luke 12.32-40

Psalm 130.1-8
The Message

Luke 12.32-40
The Message

Introduction to Journey to Jerusalem

Jesus, after his baptism in the Jordan, began his work in Galilee, inviting people into a new way of living, and starting a movement that was welcomed warmly and opposed strongly. He gathers around him a group of disciples whom he seeks to re-shape so they can sustain this movement in the future. After three years, and after his mountain-top transfiguration experience, he ‘sets his face resolutely’ towards Jerusalem, knowing that what lies ahead will be full of terror and tragedy, and yet is also the Father’s will. Luke’s gospel, chapters 9-19, uniquely provides us with detail of this journey, and in the weeks ahead we will see how on this Journey, Jesus continued to exhibit the same ministry priorities that had been key to his work in Galilee

We need to ask some questions of ourselves

  • What would it have been like for Jesus to make this Journey to Jerusalem?

  • How would he be feeling about the capacity of his disciples to follow him?

  • What was his method of dealing with the ‘terror and tragedy’ that lay ahead of him?

  • What effect has our affluent lifestyle had upon our desire for spiritual treasure?

  • How much does money drive the direction of the church today

  • Are we prepared to suffer in our following of Jesus?

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