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JSP6 Wk 3 Teaching – Lost and Found

//JSP6 Wk 3 Teaching – Lost and Found

JSP6 Wk 3 Teaching – Lost and Found

Opening Prayer (Collect)
Lord Jesus Christ,
thank you for coming amongst us,
and revealing God’s ways to us;
Help us to live in the light of your truth,
and in the peace of your presence,
always rejoicing with the angels of God
in the new life and liberty you have given us. Amen

Closing Prayer
Heavenly Father
we rejoice that when we were lonely and lost
you came to meet us in your Son,
and rescued us from the prison of our sins.
Rejoicing in our fellowship in him
we are glad to be part of his great work today,
and share your joy as others discover your promises. Amen

Bible Passages: Psalm 124.1-8 Luke 15.11-32

Psalm 124.1-8
The Message

Luke 15.11-32
The Message

TEACHING – Lost and Found

‘Losing things’ is a daily experience for many of us – and one that causes much frustration – even if the joy of finding makes it all worthwhile!! Jesus teaches in Lk 15 that people get lost as well – and that there is ‘joy in heaven’ when they are found. He teaches that some people just wander off, like the lost sheep, and need redirecting; others, like the lost coin, get lost in the muck, and need for someone to spend time looking for them; others deliberately choose to ‘get lost’ and need praying for, and welcoming ‘home’, like the prodigal son; finally others, like the elder brother, get lost in their own envy and pride, and need the love that melts hardened hearts.

Today we rejoice that the Lord Jesus has ‘sought us and saved us’ – and that this is renewable day by day. We also rejoice that our own story becomes part of the message that God uses to bring others into his love – as we share and tale with those who live amongst us.

Maybe reflect on the following questions this week

  • What can we learn from the way in which Jesus communicated his message?

  • Which of the ‘two brothers’ in the story do you most resemble?

  • In what ways have you been ‘lost’ in your life – and what enabled you to be ‘found’?

  • What faith stories have had an impact on your own spiritual journey?

  • How easy do you find it to share your story with others ….in family….in church….elsewhere?

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