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JSP6 Wk 4 Team Building – Expending the Team

//JSP6 Wk 4 Team Building – Expending the Team

JSP6 Wk 4 Team Building – Expending the Team

Opening Prayer (Collect)
Lord Jesus Christ,
you called your disciples to follow you,
and you sent them out to do your work.
May all find and respond to your calling today
so we can build your church
with the living stones you provide. Amen

Closing Prayer
Heavenly Father
we rejoice in the new life we share in Christ,
and we long to be more like him in word and deed.
May his journey be our journey,
and may his ways be our ways,
so that he can walk our streets,
and transform our communities. Amen

Bible Passages: Psalm 133.1-3 Luke 10.1-24

Psalm 133.1-3
The Message

Luke 10.1-24
The Message

TEAM BUILDING – Expanding the Team

As well as an impressive ministry that made all sorts of people welcome, Jesus had a deliberate ‘exit strategy’! A group of people were called and equipped to ‘follow him’ to maintain and extend the work after his departure. In his Journey to Jerusalem we see Jesus substantially expanding this team, no doubt chosen from the crowd making their way with him to the Passover festival.
His method matches the ‘throw them in at the deep end’ stuff the Twelve had experienced previously (Lk. 9.1-10), with similar preparation and instruction – to work in pairs, to live a simple life and to be faithful to those who welcome them. When they return and share their experience Jesus is overjoyed and spirit-filled. He also remembers to give some quality time to the Twelve.

We have much to learn/apply from this in the life of our churches – the following questions might help

  • How are we to grow your church with disciples and not just believers?

  • Is there a place for being ‘thrown in at the deep end’?

  • What kind of leadership is essential to ensure ‘every member ministry’?

  • What things might restrict people from becoming active disciples?

  • How does the advice Jesus gave to his new disciples apply to his followers today?

  • How well do we allow people to share their discipleship experiences?

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