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JSP6 Wk 5 Teach us to Pray

//JSP6 Wk 5 Teach us to Pray

JSP6 Wk 5 Teach us to Pray

Opening Prayer (Collect)
Lord Jesus Christ,
you spent time with your Father,
enjoying his love, and seeking his path.
Help us to give time to prayer and praise,
so that your purpose for our lives will be clear,
and your way forward embraced. Amen.

Closing Prayer
Heavenly Father,
thank you for this fellowship of peace and prayer,
where we are renewed in your ways,
and refreshed in your presence.
As we leave this place, remind us of your promise
that you are with us always, to the close of the age. Amen

Bible Passages: Psalm 134.1-3 Luke 11.1-16

Psalm 134.1-3
The Message

Luke 11.1-16
The Message 

PRAYER – ‘Teach us to Pray’

How did Jesus know what he should be doing….how did he deal with the pressures of his ministry….how did he handle temptation… did he live with the knowledge of his execution by crucifixion….?
His own prayer life seems to have been largely a private matter – daily communing with his Father in the hills around the lakeside. It’s clear that it was the power house for his life. Every now and then we are given glimpses – and we see the disciples being challenged and re-shaped by it, as in our passage this week.

When the disciples seek his help we notice Jesus’ response:

  • Be intentional in prayer – the ‘pattern’ prayer he gave them gives the framework he recommends.

  • Be persistent in prayer- don’t be diverted, distracted or diluted

  • Be expectant in prayer – especially for the renewing power of the Holy Spirit

Here are a few questions that may help us to explore ‘Jesus-Shaped prayer?

  • What can we learn about prayer from the example of Jesus?

  • What do you find refreshes your own prayer times?

  • Do you need to re-shape your personal prayer life – if so what do you need to do to make this happen?

  • Are you intentional, persistent and expectant in your prayer times? If not – why not?

  • How might we make corporate prayer more energising and renewing?

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