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JSP6 Wk 7 Follow Me

//JSP6 Wk 7 Follow Me

JSP6 Wk 7 Follow Me

Opening Prayer (Collect)
Lord Jesus Christ,
your journey of obedience took you to Jerusalem,
and your faithfulness to truth led you to the Cross.
As you call us to take up our cross and follow you,
teach us to be bold in declaring the ways of your Kingdom,
in love, and joy, and peace. Amen

Closing Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ,
you are the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Help us to walk confidently in your way,
to grow in knowledge of your truth,
and to lead others to a life of freedom,
by your grace and power. Amen.

Bible Passages: Psalm 129 1-8 Luke 18.18-34

Psalm 129 1-8
The Message

Luke 18.18-34
The Message


It’s our final week together, and time to look back on all that we have shared and discovered. For Jesus when the journey is completed, his unique arrival in Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday was to be followed by growing conflict with the religious authorities who were so resistant to the challenge that his teaching was posing.

Much of this resistance related to greed and self-interest – and is reflected in the story we explore this week where a rich ruler who wants to know more about ‘eternal life’ decides that he is unable or unwilling to take a step that would rid himself of the wealth that is a barrier to his spiritual growth.

Eventually the events take place alongside the Jewish Passover festival, become events that having brought terror and tragedy, become transformational for all Christians in every place and in every age.

We need to address what our own journey over these weeks might mean for ourselves and for our churches:

We can explore the following questions

  • How have you benefited from our time together over these past seven weeks?

  • What have you discovered or rediscovered about Jesus?

  • What has particularly challenged you personally?

  • What have you discovered that is particularly relevant to your church?

  • How are we to tackle any resistance to the Jesus Shaped transformation that needs to put in place?

  • What are the next steps that we need to take?

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