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Lay Pastor Role

Baildon Methodist Church is pleased that it retains two Lay Pastors in the team.  Mervyn Flecknoe and Peter Jackson work closely together and share the Lay Pastor duties.

The role is not intended to replace the function of any other group within the Church, particularly respecting the domains of Baildon Leadership Team (BLT), the Stewards, and the Worship and Church Life Committee.  Peter and Mervyn have different skills and experience and contribute in a variety of ways to the role, liaising regularly to ensure effective joint working.  The Lay Pastors work in close co-operation with the Ministerial Team.

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Mervyn Flecknoe

Mervyn has been studying scripture, leading Christian worship, and preaching, for over 50 years.  He has become more convinced over time that the Bible must be interpreted in the light of the two commandments of Jesus, all about Love.  He is convinced that this involves caring for God’s world so that the children of our great grandchildren, whom we will never know, will live in a more loving and peaceful world, in a more healthy and diverse environment.

His working life has included industry and education, youth work and drystone walling.  Nowadays, guiding walks in the UK and in Mediterranean countries provides a welcome periodic retreat to reflect on his work as Lay Pastor.  He regards time spent with children, and providing for their upbringing, as the most important thing that he does.

Peter Jackson Pastor photoPeter Jackson

Peter has been a Methodist Local Preacher since 1983, preaching about once a month within the Circuit. He is happy to conduct Baptisms and funerals.

Married to Rosemary since 1969, they have two daughters and two grandsons. Peter has held a range of jobs in the church and currently heads the Church safeguarding team. Peter also represents the Baildon Methodist Church on Churches Together in Baildon (CTiB), where he works together with Anglicans, Moravians and Roman Catholics to demonstrate those things that unite rather than divide.

You can find Peter in Wesleys Cafe at some time during the week, talking and listening to people. One of his favourite times is Friday morning when most weeks he tells a story to the young folk at our See and Know group – “it’s just about my level and I love it!” he says

Peter started his working life as an apprentice in a large engineering company in Shipley, with the last twenty years before retirement spent as a tutor supporting those studying on Life Long learning programmes in industry and commerce.

Peter enjoys classic cars, his 30 year old mini has been driven to Italy, Germany, France and Belgium. He and Rosemary also enjoy time in their touring caravan – but that doesn’t make us bad people, he says.

What does a Lay Pastor do


Spiritual Care

  1. Keeping a reflective and prayerful oversight of the developing needs and issues of our church community, discussing with relevant others within the church;
  2. Preparing whole-church courses of study and programmes (with others) when and as agreed by Church Council.
  3. One Lay Pastor will offer to lead 10 o’clock worship at Baildon on average every once three weeks, including some family services, particularly encouraging lively, inclusive, family-friendly worship;

Pastoral Care

  1. Occasional home-visiting in response to specific known needs and/or at the request of the Ministerial Team or Pastoral Visitors;
  2. Taking communion to housebound members with the communion team (Peter).
  3. Visiting newly arrived families.
  4. Baptising infants;  and taking funerals (Peter), if required, in liaison with the Ministerial Team;
  5. Encouraging adherents to join the membership of our church and of the world-wide church; organising induction training;
  6. Inviting and encouraging people to take on new roles within worship and church family life.
  7. Writing and posting a weekly blog, or sermon outline, on the church website (Mervyn);


  1. Mediating, and helping resolve conflict within the church community, in partnership with Baildon Leadership Team. Liaising, as necessary, with the Circuit Leadership Team;
  2. Affirming all groups and individuals in the Church; visiting the groups of members and friends that meet on our premises;
  3. Seeking out those who have positive suggestions or dissatisfaction about the way the church is run, to ensure that their voices are heard.
  4. Attending and representing our church at occasional conferences, training sessions, and other projects from which we can learn;
  5. Encouraging and supporting the formation of new groups within the church, for study, discussion, or activity, in response to interest and need;
  6. Supporting Churches Together in Baildon

Promotion and Management

  1. Line-management and support to our Family Worker, See&Know, and Bumps&Babes;
  2. Safeguarding (Peter)
  3. Being mindful in all things of safeguarding issues;
  4. Active participation in oversight of safeguarding matters.
  5. Active participation in, and support to, the Building Improvement for Growth project;
  6. Membership of the Treasury Committee to support the Church treasurer in balancing and promoting funding of revenue expenses, the BIG Project, and our monthly GiFOs;
  7. Promotional work on behalf of the church: including maintaining up-to-date menu stands in Wesleys Café and producing other promotional leaflets and booklets for the purposes of advertising forthcoming church activities.
  8. Oversight of our environmental commitments to God’s World (Mervyn).