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Every Sunday at Baildon Methodist Church we have a beautiful display of flowers. These do not appear by magic, they are designed and provided by the Ministry of Flowers.

Each week a member of the congregation, or a church group, gives a donation to pay for the flowers. This money is then given to a member of the flower arranging team who then purchases the flowers and makes a fantastic display for Church.

At the end of the Church services for the day, a member of the flower distribution team dismantles the display and delivers the flowers to those members of the congregation who need ‘cheering up’ or who may have a celebration of some kind.

This is very rewarding work.

If you would like to take part in any way, please contact Pat Bentley to donate money towards the flowers, or Rosemary Francis to become a member of the flower arranging and distribution team.


Flowers are supplied to church every Sunday by members and friends of Baildon Methodist Church


6th The flowers in our church today are a gift from Maureen Mancell in loving memory of her Mum and Dad, also Barry, Audrey and Geoff.

13th Today, Ann and Eric Dearden have made a contribution to the beautiful Harvest flower arrangements, in loving memory of their daughter Susan.
Other contributors were the Friends of the Church Flower Fund and Lyn and Gerry Jones who allowed us to ” raid” their garden.
Many thanks to all concerned, especially the flowers arrangers.

20th The flowers in our church today have been given by Margaret and Bob Lupton in memory of their friend Pat Fanning who is also missed by her many friends in the congregation.

27th The flowers in our church today have been given by Hazel Davey in loving memory of her husband Stephen and her brother Bill.
Also from Daphne Wood in loving memory of her mother and her cousin Phyllis

To contact Pat – please email