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National Mission in Britain

The Mission in Britain Fund – Transforming Britain one life at a time

“The Mission in Britain Fund really does make a difference: helping Methodists around our country to deliver effective mission in their local communities, and supporting work that is of national significance.”

Mark Wakelin, President of Conference 2012


Used to be known as Home Missions, Mission in Britain is the new National Methodist Churches initiative to encourage members of the Methodist Church to develop an awareness of the various aspects of National Mission – and the approaches to exercising that mission today – by informing, motivating and challenging people to think about and participate in it.

What is meant by ‘Mission’?

The Church’s mission has many aspects, which include the following:

[list type=”plus”] [li]Telling the good news of Jesus Christ[/li] [li]Calling people to faith in Jesus Christ and Christian discipleship[/li] [li]Caring for individual people and communities[/li] [li]Sharing in the task of education, and social and spiritual development[/li] [li]Struggling for a just world[/li] [li]Being alongside the poor[/li] [li]Becoming friends with people of different cultures and faiths[/li] [li]Caring for the earth[/li] [li]Building partnerships with other churches and groups who share some of our mission aims[/li] [/list]


What we do

We carry out our mission calling chiefly through:

[list type=”check”] [li]The production and provision of mission resources[/li] [li]Arranging visits to districts and circuits[/li] [li]Arranging conferences[/li] [li]Encouraging giving to the Methodist Church Funds for Home Mission, World Mission and Property[/li] [li]Providing help, advice and encouragement to districts, circuits and churches in organising mission events[/li] [li]Publishing and distributing Mission Matters, our quarterly mission journal[/li] [li]Jointly publishing – together with USPG and the United College of the Ascension – Rethinking Mission, an online quarterly journal for mission studies with articles contributed by those actively involved with world mission.[/li] [/list]


How we do it

[list type=”check”] [li]Evangelism training and resources[/li] [li]Planting new congregations[/li] [li]Prisons and industrial chaplaincy[/li] [li]Chaplaincy in further and higher education institutions[/li] [li]Media relations[/li] [li]Mission in rural areas[/li] [li]Cliff College[/li] [li]Relations with people of other faiths[/li] [li]Mission Alongside the Poor (MAP)[/li] [li]Grants to local churches and circuits[/li] [li]Public issuess[/li] [li]Support for children’s & youth work[/li] [li]Creative Arts in Methodism[/li] [li]Political and parliamentary affairs[/li] [/list]