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Update 26th March 2019

The Library, which is a sealed building to protect the books from the ravages of the climate, was completed late 2018. It is fully tiled and has electric fans for air circulation to protect the books and to keep students comfortable in the extreme temperatures. Books for the library have been bought in accordance with Ghana Education Service (GES) requirements and the children enjoy reading them.

The construction of the Junior High School commenced at the beginning of 2019. The walls are already up to roof level and it is hoped that the building will be completed by September 2019 so that year 6 of the Primary School can continue seamlessly with the progression of their education. As this school will be a separate school from the Primary and Kindergarten it will need its own Headmaster and teachers which we hope will be provided by the GES. The building will include the necessary offices and toilets etc. The aim is that when the pupils finish Primary School they will be given a certificate which entitles them to attend a Senior Secondary School of their choice anywhere in Ghana.

UPDATE October 2017 Care for Kaleo: 

Barry and Christine Empson visited Kaleo in August 2017 and are excited to report that they attended, and indeed were treated like VIP’s, at the celebration of the Kindergarten and Primary School buildings being over handed to the Ghana Education Service (GES). The Regional Director who received the buildings promised that the GES would now maintain the buildings along with toilets, cook house etc.

Future needs for the Primary School 5th form are desks and benches, text books and exercise books. At present there is one text book per class and few exercise books. This may also be necessary for form 6 in due course.
So that the Primary School can be completed, we thought it already was, we need to build a library and provide much in the way of reference books which are approved by the GES.
Following the completion of the library we need to build a Junior Secondary School (JSS) of 3 classes so that our schools will follow the present system in Ghana. It is a similar system to how ours was a few years ago.  All this can seem daunting but we trust God who has seen us through so far. We know that with such generous friends who support us all things are possible.

UPDATE JUNE 2017 Care for Kaleo: Fund-raising

Our latest fund-raising day on 10th June 2017 raised a magnificent £2,300.  The money will be used towards the completion of the Kaleo Baptist Primary School.  Thank you all so much for your wonderful ongoing generosity.

Care for Kaleo Kaleo is a village in the Upper West Region (UWR) of Ghana, about 400 miles inland from the capital, Accra.  Whilst Ghana is a third world country the UWR is the poorest region of the country so that poverty is extreme.  Care for Kaleo is a registered UK Charity (No 1119385) and provides a Nursery School for 80 children and a Primary School for 145 children from Kaleo and the surrounding villages

The Kindergarten runs in a purpose built building which was completed in June 2014. The children receive a multi-sensory UK style education which gives them a solid grounding for moving into Primary education. The Kindergarten has been inspected by the Ghana Education Service (GES) and passed with flying colours, so much so that the Director of the GES in the region uses our Kindergarten as a model to show other Kindergartens what can be achieved.

Kaleo KG PupilsThe construction of the Primary School which commenced in 2014 was completed in May 2017 and is now fully functional. 180 pupils are being educated in the school at present. From September 2017 there will be 225 and from September 2018, when the school is at full capacity, 270 children will receive a Primary School education

Each day the children receive a hot nutritious meal as many of the children would suffer from malnutrition because for some this may be the only meal of the day. The meal always contains some protein so as to balance the children’s diet.

Kaleo TeachingBoth the Kindergarten and the Primary school are on a site which is convenient for Kaleo and 2 other villages, Nyuglu and Kbanko. This expands the area into which a good quality education is given and the health benefits of a daily nourishing meal.
The offshoot of this is that parents in 3 villages are released from caring for children during the day, so enabling them to find work and increase their own prosperity.

The charity operates by receiving donations from interested people and organisations and also from the “Friends of Kaleo” who so generously give a regular amount monthly.

If you would either like to donate or become a “Friend of Kaleo” please contact one of the following :-

Barry and Christine Empson    (01274 593087)
Tony and Jennifer Capper    (01274 587753)

If you have any questions please contact one of the above


If you have any questions please see either Barry and Chris Empson or Tony and Jennifer Capper.