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Phakamisa is a ministry of Pinetown Methodist Church (South Africa) and exists to serve and uplift impoverished communities through the provision of training,  resourcing and support.  

Children, people affected by and infected with AIDS/HIV and the elderly are our main beneficiaries.

Phakamisa – A Hand Up

Phakamisa is ministry of Pinetown Methodist Church with Christ firmly at the centre as they strive to offer a hand up to communities in a 50km radius of Pinetown through their Educare (pre-school) and Caregiver (mainly elderly woman caring for orphaned children as a result of HIV/AIDS) programmes.

A thrice yearly newsletter aims to communicate how and where those differences are being made and seen, how lives are changed and always thankfulness for God’s provision and faithfulness and the outworking of His plan in the lives of all who have been touched by Phakamisa.

Please visit the Phakamisa website to read the full letter and find out more about this amazing ministry.

If you are a group interested in hearing more about the work of Phakamisa through an interactive talk then please contact Ann Clark – e-Mail or Telephone – 07917 86760

At Phakamisa we start our day with morning devotions with our care givers and ECD teachers. The devotions are the safe space created for the groups to share any prayer requests or anything that they want to share with the group. The issue of confidentiality is always encouraged as some members sometimes share their deep stories during that time. It is also a time where we get feedback from the care givers, e.g. one care giver once said during the devotions, that she is so grateful for Phakamisa training

“…joining Phakamisa is a blessing for me and my family. We don’t go to bed hungry as we used to do before. As I’m talking right now I sold spinach from my garden and I got R400 and I had taxi fare for coming here and after the training I will go buy some small grocery for my family…”

That on its own showed us the impact that Phakamisa has in changing lives.

The Edu-care and level 4 courses are continuing – Edu-care is a one-year course, the students doing this course will graduate at the end of November. The level 4 is a two-year course, the training in this course started in 2017 and will be completed in March 2019, and they will then graduate. People are also invited if interested to do training in the above courses to come visit Phakamisa in order to secure space for next year.

Child Minder Course – 125 teachers received their certificates during the first term and 120 are currently receiving the training and will graduate at the end of November. When one of the teachers gave a speech during the graduation ceremony, she said:

“…when my supervisor asked me to come and do training here at Phakamisa I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do it, but now I don’t have any regrets, if I knew I could have done it long ago. I can’t wait to register for Edu-care, I have learnt a lot here at Phakamisa, even the devotions that are done every morning have boosted my Spiritual growth (SIYABONGA NGAKHO KONKE – thanks for everything)…”

Supervisor Course -Twenty crèche supervisors graduated during this term. The next training for the new group will start next year. We are now recruiting and registering for new members, space still available.

“…I would like to thank the group members, our trainers and the staff for making us feel accepted and special in this place. When I came I wondered how I was going to cope surrounded by females in this place. Luckily the other male came but neither of us were sure where this was going to take us, especially as the crèche courses and training in our communities are always associated with females. We took the risk and we are glad today as it did help us. I’m running my own crèche. Before I was doing it without any experience but coming here was a good idea as I feel equipped enough to correct the wrongs that I was doing. Thanks to Phakamisa for opening my eyes…”

The groups have completed training in different skills as from the beginning of the year. The skills learnt and completed so far are as follows:

Sewing Training They have learnt to do chair bags, pegs bags, food warmers, aprons, ironing board covers and skirts.

Beadwork Training They have learnt to do bracelets, earrings, belts made with beads, Xhosa necklaces and Zulu traditional necklaces and the bead fencing of both Xhosa and Zulu tradition

Cooking and Baking Training
Baking – scones, baking and icing birthday cakes, and snowballs
Cooking – fish cakes, samosas, grilled peanuts, biryani, samp with no beans and samp with peanuts. (Samp is a South African food consisting of dried corn kernels that have been stamped and chopped until broken)

Gardens Gardening is also one of the main cores of Phakamisa. The care givers are continuing with the gardening projects despite of the climate conditions. Most of the gardens have received water tanks from the local Municipality and that has helped a lot although many are still in need.

From the feedback received from the care givers we believe that the skills learnt allow care givers to improve their style of living and help them to be independent and self-sufficient. One of the beneficiaries has said:

“Some of us have managed to maintain our houses due to the skills that we have received here. I have also taught my grandchildren to do beadwork and now they don’t roam around the area and they really enjoyed doing it. I am now able to get some income as my neighbour introduced me in town at a new place where you can rent a stand on a Saturday very cheaply. You then sell whatever you want to sell, so I’m selling my beads there and I’m able to get some money to keep us going and thanks to Phakamisa”

Before closing for the last term the organisation had a very special prayer event to pray for the current financial situation. The prayer that we had was so different from the one we normally have, this time all the group members that wear church (Manyano) uniform in their churches were wearing it. The prayer was so powerful, and we are grateful for the support that Phakamisa beneficiaries give to us.

Phakamisa staff provided a bring and share lunch for our care givers as we had prayed and fasted, so we couldn’t let the care givers go back home without having had anything to eat.

About fifty bibles were distributed to the care givers and crèche teachers who didn’t get them the last time. They were so happy to receive those bibles, each and every person who received the bible also received a bookmark that we made at Phakamisa with a bible verse. They appreciated it and one teacher said

“…Mama Thokozani you won’t believe that in our crèche we don’t have a bible, and in receiving this bible gift I’m taking it as a challenge. I am now going to start reading the scripture for our children when we begin and end every day…”

As Phakamisa we really appreciated the donation of the bibles and have been grateful for the gift.

In South Africa every year on August 18 the country celebrates 67 minutes Mandela day. (Mandela Day is a global call to action that celebrates the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world, the ability to make an impact. The Mandela Day campaign message is: “Nelson Mandela fought for social justice for 67 years. We’re asking you to start with 67 minutes’’). In celebrating our 67 minutes as Phakamisa this year we decided to assist one of our wandering schools in Inanda by fixing the zinc that had holes. During this day we were joined by the youth team from Northern Ireland who really enjoyed doing the work with us, and we would like to thank them for bearing all the cost incurred during the day. The old zinc was replaced or covered with new ones. It was clear to see the difference that was made during the day. Thanks to Phakamisa staff for the resetting of the crèche and special thanks to the male volunteers that joined and assisted doing the fixing during the day.

We would like to thank everyone for the support that they have been giving to us as Phakamisa. We also request the on-going prayers as our finances are not in good shape. We also appreciate all the donations received by this organisation it really makes a huge difference in changing people’s lives.


[list type=”plus”][li]Fostering 2 children when you have no means of income – caring until it hurts[/li][li]Buying vegetables you neither need nor can afford- sharing your resources[/li][li]Sharing your school shoes – giving sacrificially[/li][li]Piggy-backing a 13 year old to school – nothing is impossible[/li][li]Giving away your TV set to someone who needs it more than you do – selflessness[/li][li]Committing to care for a very disabled teenager – love[/li][li]Volunteering your time – caring[/li][li]Supporting an NGO instead of trading-in items – generosity[/li][/list]

My dear Friends,

Once again I have been challenged both by people Phakamisa seeks to serve and by others who simply want to help to make the world a better place. I thank them and promise to perform acts or random acts of kindness more faithfully. Do you?

Striving to be kinder and more loving,


Glenda Howieson

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