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Pastoral Group

Pastoral Group


Called to serve and care

A Pastoral Visitor / Pastoral Supporter:

  • maintains a caring and supportive relationship with the member/s for whom s/he has pastoral care, through contact at church, by phone / email / text – or through home visits at mutually agreed times;
  • shares any concerns or need for extra support that their member/s might have with either the Ministers, the Circuit Pastoral Co-ordinator, or our Lay Pastors as appropriate;
  • delivers the annual membership tickets by hand;
  • remembers their member/s in prayers, reflections, and actions;
  • meets at least once a year with other Pastoral Visitors and Pastoral Supporters for sharing of information, ideas, and/or training.

Pastoral Visitors and Supporters have to be aware of the Methodist Church policies regarding safeguarding issues with respect to contacts and visits to members, and they are asked to attend the Creating Safer Space foundation module training (if they have not already done so).

What’s the difference between the role of a Pastoral Visitor, and that of Pastoral Supporter?

They act in the same way as an important link of care and support between church and its members, but:

  • Pastoral Visitors have a list of existing church members to whom they offer pastoral oversight and support.
  • A Pastoral Supporter takes on a pastoral role for just one person, at that person’s invitation, at the time of him/her becoming a church member.

For further information about Pastoral Visiting or Pastoral Supporting contact: Peter Jackson 07898 9 069167 or e-Mail by clicking HERE

Pastoral Visitors Pastoral Supporters
Ruth Anderson
Nicki Arkell
Christine Benson
Pat Benson
Janet Binks (PS)
Jennifer Capper
Beryl Doyle
Jennifer Evans
Christine Gammon
Joan Cooper
Christine Empson
Margaret Hurford
Rosemary Jackson
Marian Kellett
Rosemary Francis
Joanna Gramshaw
Gwyneth Jackson
Peter Kerr
Ruth Kerr
Elaine Lee
David Lee
Margaret Lupton
Caroline Pollard
Kathy Pullan
Marjorie Rogers
Jean Lorrain-Smith
Jean Sands
Lindsay Sykes
Keith Thornton
Pauline Thornton
Rita Walker
John Anderson (PS)
Ashley France (PS)
Pat Hirst (PS)
Mervyn Flecknoe (PS)
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  1. Ian Grainge May 10, 2011 at 11:28 am - Reply

    A Pastoral visitor, Ms Empson, has been calling on my mother at Danum Drive, off Temple Rhydding Drive. My mother is 99, and has now finally been forced through lack of mobility and increasing frailty, to move into Brookfield Care Home, 9 Nab Wood Drive, Cottingley.

    She may not have acknowledged your visits, – either through lack of mobility or increasing deafness, but I have collected the various ‘Pews News’ which had been put through the door, and my mother had kept.

    As an only child (and a pensioner) living on the Berkshire/Hampshire border, my visits are not as frequent as they might be, but my mother is visited by her wonderful neighbours. Her house in Danum Drive is being sold, but if you are able to call at Brookfield, you would be very welcome, I’m sure.

    With kind regards

    Ian Grainge

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