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Pastoral Secretary

//Pastoral Secretary

Pastoral Secretary

The Pastoral Secretaries Responsibilities are:

  • To convene meetings of the Pastoral Committee and / or Pastoral Visitors;
  • In partnership with the Leadership Team and Minister, to produce agendas and arrange for notes of the meetings to be kept, circulating both as appropriate
  • To report regularly to the Church Council on pastoral issues and changes to the church’s membership and community rolls, encouraging the council to develop good pastoral care programmes for the life of the church.
  • To oversee the maintenance of the church’s data base of members and adherents and to arrange for an up-to-date A-Z list of those on the Community Roll to be produced once a year.
  • To assist the Leadership Team and Minister in the completion of the annual Methodist Church membership returns.
  • To co-ordinate requests for transport to Sunday services.
  • Together with the Leadership Team, Minister, Pastoral Visitors and Group Leaders to supply church family news for inclusion in the weekly church newsletter.
  • To oversee the production and distribution of the Harvest, Christmas and Easter pastoral letters for those unable to get to church so as to enable them to know what is happening and to feel part of the Church family.
  • To co-ordinate the arrangements for the distribution of Christmas Cards and Gifts to the housebound as agreed by the Pastoral Committee.
  • Together with the Door Stewards, find suitable ways to record the names and addresses of ‘newcomers’ to the Church and to explore with the Worship & Church Life Group ways in which such people can be invited to specific events in the life of the church;
  • To supply the ‘Welcomers’ on a Sunday morning with appropriate self-adhesive badges that can be offered to those visiting the Church.
  • To make arrangements for the distribution of greetings cards to those who are unwell, have suffered a bereavement, or are going through a difficult time, those who have had a baby (the Baptismal Roll Secretary sends birthday cards), couples getting married at the Church and to the same on their 1st wedding anniversary.
  • To assist the Minister & Worship & Church Life Group in the organisation of an annual Service of Remembrance for the families of those who have died during the previous year.
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