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Ponder Places in Baildon

Twelve pictures with reflections to help you ponder your faith and pray perceptively

Prepared by Roy and Jean Lorrain-Smith for Praying for Baildon, a prayer group connected to Churches Together in Baildon February 2018

Some places can seem to symbolise spiritual things as we sit or stand and ponder them. And when that happens we may feel drawn to prayer, as our thoughts and the Spirit lead us. Here are drawings of twelve places in Baildon which seem to us to offer that potential, with meditations and suggestions for prayer, and some related Bible texts for further reflection. You may of course have many other places of your own you could add, or see many other things in these pictures.

Ponder Place 01
Ponder Place 02
Ponder Place 03
Ponder Place 04
Ponder Place 05
Ponder Place 06
Ponder Place 07
Ponder Place 08
Ponder Place 09
Ponder Place 10
Ponder Place 11
Ponder Place 12
Download the entire booklet by clicking HERE