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Prayer Walks

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Prayer Walks 2020-04-27T07:35:43+01:00

Take your government prescribed daily exercise in the form of prayer walks round the village

These have been provided by CTiB and Roy Lorrain-Smith

Download the full version below

Baildon Green Prayer Walk Online
Anywhere Praying Shorter Online
Anywhere Praying Fuller Online
St John’s Prayer Walk Online
St James’s Prayer Walk Online
St Hugh’s Prayer Walk Online
St Aidan’s Prayer Walk Online
Moravian Prayer Walk Online
Community Garden Prayer Walk Online
BMC Prayer Walk Online

Download the leaflet version below

Baildon Green Prayer Walk Lflt
Anywhere Praying Shorter Lflt
Anywhere Praying Fuller Lflt
St John’s Prayer Walk Lflt
St James’s Prayer Walk Lflt
St Hugh’s Prayer Walk Lflt
St Aidan’s Prayer Walk Lflt
Moravian Prayer Walk Lflt
Community Garden Prayer Walk Lflt
BMC Prayer Walk Lflt
Download the entire Prayer Walks Booklet HERE
The Charlie Thompson Walk