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Solar PV: Doing our bit

Solar PV: Doing our bit

You will all know by now that our solar panels are up and running.  They have generated about 200 KWh by now (and it has rained nearly every day!).

People ask, how much are we saving?
Via the FiT, we get paid for each unit we produce (43p); AND
For exporting some of these (average 1.5p per unit); AND
We save ourselves the cost of buying each unit from the National Grid (about 10p).
So, each unit generated is saving us about 54.5p. 

So overall, since installation, that is a saving so far of £109.  It is difficult to estimate how much COwe have saved from being released into the atmosphere because the different methods of generation have different costs.  The Energy Saving Trust recommends that we multiply the units generated by 0.4 to get Kg of CO2. That would mean we have saved 40 Kg of CO2 and as it is a gas, slightly heavier than air, it would occupy two cubic metres at standard temperature and pressure.

So, savings so far:  £109 and 40 Kg, or two cubic metres, of CO from 200KWh.  Now you know, you will be able to calculate it yourself just from the meter readings in the kitchen!

Mervyn Flecknoe, Eco officer

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