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Church Stewards have been around Methodism since the 18th century when John Wesley recognised that ministers need local support to oversee the arrangements in each church for worship. So, the role is tightly woven into the DNA of the Methodist Connexion.

While Church Stewards are responsible for practical things, such as looking after visiting preachers, and making announcements – that’s not where it ends!

At Baildon Methodist Church, the Church Stewards:

  • Ensure that all the congregation have the best opportunity to fully participate in worship by preparing the Church building for each and every service (including funerals and weddings);
  • Arrive first and leave last, and whilst on duty, offer a warm welcome to everyone, and look after the preacher;
  • Turn their hands to anything that is needed to ensure that worship runs smoothly;
  • Work in a team to support each other, with two Stewards “on duty” each Sunday.

Our current Steward’s team comprises:

  • Janet Binks (Senior Steward)
  • Peter Kerr
  • Ruth Kerr
  • Emma Walch
  • Gareth Walch
  • Ros Crosland
  • Pauline Lawson
  • John Lawson

Assistant Stewards:

  • Karen Young

There are also 11 other church members who act as “Occasional Stewards” to help ease the pressure on the Stewards Team, so as to achieve the aim that no Steward needs to be on duty more than once a month.

Stewards are expected to attend official church meetings, e.g. Church Council and to be on one of the church groups as the Stewards’ Representative.
We are always keen to welcome new members to the Stewards Team. Personal qualities which are needed include:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Friendliness
  • Commitments to values of trust, reliability and confidentiality
  • Also a commitment to prayer, people, worship and encouraging of gift in others.

If you feel you might be interested in becoming a Steward or Occasional Steward, please contact any of the stewards to find out more.