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The Fold building at Baildon Methodist Church is now unfolded.  On Sunday 3 November, the Rev Kerry Tankard, Chair of the Yorkshire West Methodist District, led an uplifting service of celebration and then, with the help of children to symbolise the importance of what this church is  doing for the future, formally opened the Fold.

200 people attended, including Philip Davies MP, Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe, the Chair of Bradford Council and Councillor Joe Ashton, the Chair of Baildon Town Council.

This future-facing two-storey building ‘sits lightly on the earth’ as Rev Kerry Tankard emphasised.   It is the first building on church premises in Britain constructed to standards similar to those of a Passivhaus, using virtually no energy and emitting virtually no carbon dioxide. 8 kWpeak photovoltaic electricity-generating panels are fitted on the roof.  The Fold is triple-glazed throughout. It has passed its airtightness tests with flying colours: for the opening, no heating was needed.  The warmth of a Methodist welcome is complemented by the warmth of the air.

There are no stairs: Baildon is on a slope.  Both floors have toilets.  The Upper Fold has been designed particularly for free lettings to Scouts, Guiding groups and other organisations, but it is available for hire when youth groups are not using it. The Lower Fold has been planned with the 40-year-old Baildon Preschool in mind.  It too will be available for hire when the preschool is not in session.

Baildon and Bradford can be proud of this pioneering venture for which the church has raised over £800,000 in the last 10 years. At least £100 000 more are needed and further donations are welcome to Baildon Methodist Church Big Fund, Newton Way, Baildon BD17 5NH.

All are welcome to join tours of the Fold by led by trained guides; these are being organised by Green Bricks Tours Inc. on Sunday 1 December during the festivities of Baildon at Christmas. There will be tours at 1200, 1300, 1400 and 1500.

Both Parliament and Bradford Council have declared a climate emergency. Baildon Methodist Church is not just wringing its hands over this, not just talking about it:  it  has acted. The design of the Fold challenges those constructing new buildings to reach the same standards so that we may meet the government’s targets of net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

John D Anderson Trustee

August 2019

Our new building, The Fold, is nearly completed.

We are still needing funds to pay the final few bills and all contributions are welcome. Over the five years since the first plans, the total cost has risen to nearly £1.2m, of which we know where £1.15m is coming from.  Scouts and Guides are very excited about moving in, starting in September.  The official opening will be on November 3rd.  This will be the first community building in West Yorkshire built to PassivHaus standards.  We are proud to be able to give it forward as our legacy to future generations as a building that will not add to the heating of the planet.  Alongside the new building we have managed to switch off our two, 100KW, gas boilers for the last time. Our heating will now come only from sustainably generated electricity.

22nd January 2019

In view of the well-attended conversations following morning worship during the Christian Values series, the planned BIG Team update will not take place this Sunday.  The next update will take place on Sunday February 24th.  This is the first Sunday following the Christian Values series and is the first Sunday of Lent.  If you have any question about the building of the Fold, please ask one of the team members:  Gareth James, Mervyn Flecknoe, Peter Jackson, John Sykes, Harry or Christine Leighton, Michael Haworth.  Members of the Church Council will receive a full update at the meeting on February 7th.

We regret that there will be some internal disruption as drain connections are made within the Dry Store, Room 3, and the Flower Cupboard.  These will be completed before February 4th.

January 2019 : *** NEWS BULLETIN***

A new fund-raising opportunity has raised its head along the Baildon Boundary Way half marathon walk.  Click HERE for more information

Baildon Methodist Big Fund LogoOctober 2018: *** NEWS BULLETIN***

BUILDING WORK HAS BEGUN to replace the Marley Hut with a two-storey building of the highest environmental standards for youth and community activities. Building contractors, Paul Smith Ltd are already working on-site.

Phase 1 Replacing the single story 1950s temporary Marley Hut building with a two-story, very low energy consumption “PassivHaus” building – the first such community structure in West Yorkshire! This enables us to dedicate facilities for Baildon Village Pre-School in our joint objectives to double the number of childcare sessions they offer and provide a new multipurpose hall through which to deliver more community services.

Phase 2 / 3 We hope to make improvements in Wesleys Café area, toilets, and meeting rooms; and to continue renovating the Church, expanding capacity, upgrading access, making it more sustainable, and dealing with matters that would otherwise become a material revenue cost burden on Baildon Methodist Church in the near future. We aim to reduce energy consumption to 40% of 2009 levels and generate at least half of those future energy needs from on-site renewable sources – thus slashing our ‘net’ energy bills to at least 15% of 2009 levels.
Our vision and commitment is to support the provision of facilities for existing and new groups – for example:
• Creating a modern and fit-for-purpose area for Baildon PreSchool;
• Providing an additional 72 places across Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to help reduce huge local waiting lists into Scouting;
• Increasing youth work;
• Increasing our congregation and attendance of young families in worship
• Expanding activities which provide a sociable experience to elderly and isolated people, and those with mental and physical health issues;
• Hosting a wider range of community provision (further food bank activities and progress discussions with credit unions); and
• Increasing the highly popular provision of table tennis; and open new indoor activity groups.
• Transforming access for people with mobility difficulties, wheelchairs and children’s buggies/prams.

Local Member of Parliament, Philip Davies, is an active supporter of Vision 2020, saying: “The variety and scale of community activities and services delivered here are a tremendous asset to Baildon. It’s a real delight to see plans in place to both extend these activities and invest significantly in the buildings that make it all possible. This will help secure such community benefits for the next 125 years.”

Where does the money come from?
All our running costs are contributed by the community. We depend on no grants for running costs.  Building costs are a different matter…
To start building Phase 1, in autumn 2018, we have achieved an amazing balance in the BIG Fund of around £700,000. An additional £200,000 will be needed. Nearly there!  If everyone who has used the Marley Hut since it was built (as a temporary building!) in the 1950s donated just £1, we would have enough money to complete the work.

Fundraising from individuals who pay income tax can be Gift Aided for an additional 20 percent. Contact us to find out more about how you can boost your fundraising efforts in this way. We now have a Virgin Money Giving Charity page which can help you raise money in this way – whether through campaigns, events or direct donation giving.

• Do you belong to, or have a connection to a good choir, or musical ensemble, or other entertainers that you could invite to come and perform at Baildon Methodist Church to raise funds?
• Could you arrange an auction – of unwanted goods, or of promises.
• Or might you like to plan a car-boot sale in the church car-park or a talents and crafts exhibition?
Also, see our link to and even more ideas below!

Buy a Brick…
Take part in our latest BIG fund initiative. If you would like to directly help our BIG Project, you can buy a brick by clicking HERE
If you would like to directly help our BIG Project – you can Buy A Brick here! Through grants and matched funding schemes, we aim to raise at least 4x the amount of private donations – so every brick you buy will go far! We will also include the names of all Buy a Brick donors in the BIG Project Time Capsule. This will be ceremonially laid in the floor of Wesleys cafe, once work is completed.

The Simplest ideas are sometimes the best……

  • Set up a jar or tin at home in which to put all your small coins;
  • What are your talents and can you make them grow?
  • Invite your friends and neighbours round for coffee and tell them about our plans! Perhaps ask them to make a small donation to The BIG Fund or see if they can help us in other ways;
  • Ask family and friends for a donation to The BiG Fund instead of buying you a present for a birthday or at Christmas
  • Set up a simple “guessing competition” with a small prize for the winner. For example – “guess the weight of the cake”; “guess the name of the teddy”; “guess the number of sweets in the jar”
  • Arrange for “Bring and Buy” stall in Wesleys – this might go particularly well after Christmas, when people could bring along any unwanted gifts
  • Donate for free by shopping on-line through Easy Fundraising

What are your talents? Can you make them grow?

  • Good at making cakes? Why not organise a cake stall after morning service?
  • Good at gardening? Why not offer to advise or help someone with a gardening job, such a pruning, or taking cuttings – and ask for a small donation in return? Or why not open your garden to visitors.
  • Good at babysitting or car-washing? Why not offer your services and ask for a small donation?
  • Good at sewing, or garment-repair and alteration, or woodwork? Why not advertise your services in return for contributions to The BiG Fund?
  • Good at cookery or photography? Why not put together a recipe book or some local photo-cards for sale?
  • Book a stall to raise funds at community events such as Baildon Carnival or Baildon at Christmas
  • If you able to supply materials or labour that is likely to be useful to our project, let us know. Saving costs on build is just as valuable as raising income
  • Get yourself sponsored. Sponsor forms are available from the Stewards.

For example, could you undertake a sponsored…

  • Walk? (Depending on your level of fitness – this could be to walk many miles, or just a few laps around the church.)
  • Silence?
  • Bible-reading?
  • Run?
  • Abseiling?
  • Organise an event (perhaps with a group of friends)(Depending on your level of fitness – this could be to walk many miles, or just a few laps around the church.

Choose the sort of event that you enjoy, and then gain the added satisfaction of sharing it with others:

  • A children’s disco?
  • A tea-dance?
  • A “pot-luck” supper?
  • A quiz night?
  • A treasure hunt?
  • A golf challenge?

Useful Contact Information
To book a room at Wesleys clikc HERE
To pay in funds which you have raised or wish to donate, contact John Sykes [Church Treasurer], cheques should be made payable to Baildon Methodist Church BIG Fund, or e-Mail John by clicking HERE
To give a cheque or cash, please call in at Wesleys Café during opening hours.
Remember to “Gift Aid” any donations you make to the church so that we can reclaim tax from the government to enhance the amount of your gift.
Share this fundraising request, choose your platform!
What will YOU do to help us to raise money for THE BiG FUND?
The BiG FUND needs your help, don’t leave it to others. Can you make a difference?