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Who is The Bradford Jesus Man

///Who is The Bradford Jesus Man

Who is The Bradford Jesus Man

Bradford Jesus ManWhether you call him ‘The Bradford Jesus Man”, “The Mad Monk”, “The Bradford Monk”, “Holy Joe” or just, “That Old Bloke Who Always Waves at Everyone And Wears Jesus Sandals” he is one of Bradford’s best loved characters.

People have seen him walking up and down the Bradford streets in all weathers for what seems like an Eternity.

People say, “He never changes from year to year.”


Until 1961, Geoffrey Brindle worked at International Harvesters ,Idle.  Then, he had a message from God.  He then went to live in a cave, near Settle where he meditated there for 12 Days.  When He came out he was wearing his familiar habit and sandals and has walked the streets ever since, and he now lives in Baildon

He is said to be an intelligent man and has a wife and children.

In his younger days:

      • He was once locked up for trying to stop people from playing Bingo;
      • He was once arrested for protesting outside the Alhambra when the Beatles came to town;
      • He apparently spent a few nights in jail and utilised his time by preaching!

What more about him:

  • You may never heard him preaching the Gospel and he will often swiftly walk away if
  • People know him as a happy smiling man that has been seen walking and waving at people since the 1960s
  • An on-line campaign in 2012 called for Geoffrey to become an Olympic torch-bearer – the campaign reached nearly 23,000 people, but he declined;
  • When someone came up to him and asked” Why you do it” .He replied. “I just like walking”

Here’s a poem written about him

Bradford Jesus Man

“The man in Bradford”

He walks the city streets. Awaiting a message from The Lord.
Open sandals and a brown robe , tied in the middle by a knotted cord.
He may be thirty two . what’s that to you?
He stands and smiles ,blue eyes wide at passers by.
Is that the light of truth or madness in his eye?
And I hear the soft but persistent cry

A website is dedicated to him, and you can post sightings on it.


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  1. robert firth February 27, 2014 at 9:28 am - Reply

    i like to see the guy , he smiles and waves and it lifts my mood ,
    good luck to him .

  2. Stephanie September 14, 2014 at 3:13 pm - Reply

    He walked down our road in Eccleshill many times and always smiled and waved as he passed us. He often had children holding his hand as he walked along. We all stopped and smiled and waved back at him. I found him fascinating to watch and he was Jesus, to me because he looked just like the pictures of Him in all my books.

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