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Years ago I remember speaking with a mother of six children.   She told me that she had been a guardian angel believer right from the beginning, and although technically there were eight people in the family, there were really sixteen beings. This mother often reminded the kids that their angels were nearby, and so the children were more careful of what they said, the language they used, the way they treated their siblings.

Recently, I received a similar email from another Mom who has the same idea, and thought I would pass it on.

“I have a daily intention to ‘pay it forward,” says Teresa. “For example, if someone in line at the cash register behind me has fewer items than I do, I let them go first. If they are a couple of cents short, I give it to the cashier.” These actions in and of themselves are quite contagious, Teresa says, and she and her family members each strive to execute a minimum of one per day.

There’s more. “My husband and I, once a month, pay for the coffee for the car behind us in the drive through. My daughter does the same,” says Teresa. “One time she was about 10 and insisted that I let her out of the car so that she could take he own shoes off and give them to a young girl who was barefoot.  It was way below freezing.”

What could Teresa say? She pulled over, watched her daughter take off her shoes and socks and help the girl into them. She raced back to the car barefoot through the snow, got in and never said a word.”

After a few minutes when the tears stopped rolling, Teresa told her daughter how proud of her she was. “Mom,” her child answered, “I have other shoes at home, and that girl needed them more than me!” Teresa has seen her do other acts of kindness and sacrifice as well. “I love that she is that way, especially because she keeps doing it even when the recipients are less than gracious about it.”

In Teresa’s house it is common practice to open the doors for others. “We say please and thank you at every opportunity, return change that does not belong to us, help the elderly load their groceries into their car then return the cart to the parking lot corral,” says Teresa “These little gestures mean the world to other people, especially when done with the right attitude and a warm smile. We know it works, we have seen it work.  That’s the philosophy in our house, and hopefully always will be.”

If you wondered how to be an Earth Angel, these ideas may help.

by Joan Wester Anderson

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