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The Covid-19 pandemic has inevitably brought challenges and changes to the way we worship together.  Instead of our traditional services, our Ministers, Lay Pastors and other worship leaders, have pioneered some exciting and novel forms of on-line worship.

People now have the choice to watch the On-Line Service either at home or to gather in our Church Sanctuary to worship with others.  All are welcome.  We have taken steps to make the building as Covid-safe as possible.

The On-Line services are being watched on You Tube by an average of 250 people each week so we are reaching more people than when our Sunday worship only took place in the Sanctuary.

Why not join us?”

Welcome to WORSHIP with us

The 10’0clock service

Our main weekly service for all ages is at 10:00am on Sunday mornings. Our services last around 1 hour, and are followed by a time for refreshments and conversations in Wesleys Café.

You can find out who is going to be leading each Sunday morning worship by clicking HERE

We aim for our services to be joyful and relevant to modern life; offering comfort to those in distress; hope for those who are anxious; and a challenge to us all to lead more compassionate lives in the footsteps of Jesus.  As an Eco-Congregation, we encourage preachers and worship-leaders to incorporate care for the environment into their worship planning.

Our services are led by a variety of people so styles of worship include both modern and traditional forms. We are not afraid to experiment and encourage church members to assist in the preparation and delivery of worship

We are a broad church, encompassing those who are filled with doubts and questions as well as those who have a strong faith.

In recent years, we have engaged in a series of annual study periods, following the materials available through “Jesus-Shaped People” programme. We have found new inspiration and commitment through a close study of the example and teachings of Jesus, and are proud to be a Jesus-Shaped Church (link to JSP piece) We have found that the questions and challenges which Jesus posed 2000 years ago are just as relevant today.

Baildon Methodist Church CommunionCommunion

Communion is offered during morning worship on the third Sunday of each month, and on special Sundays, such as Easter. On these Sundays, worship may last a little longer.

If you are confined to your home and would like communion to be brought out to you from time to time, please contact link to Ministers

Music in Worship

Musical accompaniment within worship is provided by a rota of pianists and organists.

These are: Roy Copley; Ros Cunningham; Chris Flecknoe; Ashley France; Claire Nott; Caroline Pollard.

We sing a range of both modern and traditional worship songs and hymns. The words are projected on to the screen at the front of the church.

The hymn book which we use the most is the Methodist Church’s most recent Hymn Book, “Singing the Faith”.

Sometimes, our women’s singing group, called “Harmony” enhances worship by introducing us to new worship songs. To contact Harmony by clicking HERE

We also have a “Band” which plays several times a year to accompany worship.  The Band is led by Heather Clark-Coates.  Anyone who plays a musical instrument, both young people and adults, are welcome to join the Band. To contact THE BAND click HERE

Prayer after the end of worshipBaildon Methodist Church - Prayer Group

If you would like someone to pray with you, or just be silent with you, after the close of morning worship, we invite you to go through to the Prayer Room where a volunteer from amongst our church members will be waiting to meet you

The Collection

Our Church and its many activities cost a lot to run. Every penny counts.

At some point during the worship, the “collection” or “offering” will be announced by the worship leader. Bags will be circulated around the congregation, to receive any donation that people wish to make to support the work of our church and the Methodist Circuit within which we operate.

However, please do not feel you have to donate!

You will notice that many others do not put anything into the collection bags as they pass round. This is often because they have made arrangements to give regularly to the church by standing order rather than in cash.